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    KASGRO 325 Ton, 12 Axle Depressed Center Flat Car Kit

    One drop of thinner in the cup of paint?
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    Gateway Subdivision

    Something I had been wanting to do for a while now was make a new test track. The first one I had put together with a piece of plywood, that some of the "ply" was buckled up on it, and I laid some really old Atlas brass track on top of that. I made it work for what it was. With the bench work...
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    Gateway Subdivision

    I never did care for point rails relying on contact with the stock rail for power, so on the previous layout I soldered the point rails to the stock rails on the bottom. The pink(ish) color is nail polish I painted on the jumpers when I was doing the initial positioning, to mark the roadbed so...
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    Gateway Subdivision

    Thru the build of this thing, I was thinking I could find an assistant in getting this thing lifted up, like a gas strut. The top weighs 15.5 pounds, the second stage extension of the slides have some resistance to them, maybe 2 or 3 pounds apiece, for a total of 20-21 pounds. Struts with that...
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    Wasn't expecting that.......
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    Scratch building an old-ish caboose: Take 2

    An awesome fit for my logging line......🤣
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    Gateway Subdivision

    Meanwhile, over at the entrance door, a lift up build has been going on. On layout I, I had a simple plywood "T" shape with a couple of plate girder bridges on it. Each end sat on wood blocks that were adjustable, for track alignment. Worked pretty good, except, during weather swings. With...
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    Gateway Subdivision

    Thank you Tom. This build has been a challenge! The first layout's challenge was, that was the first layout! The challenge on this one was, the helix build, and, an all metal lift up for the walkthru door. Yes, this helix is a crawl under, it is 52 plus inches across the inside opening, so...
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    Layout Skirting

    When using fabric for the skirting, is there a difference in material to use, as far as attracting dust, or is that a no concern? Likewise a plastic tarp, any concerns with static electricity?
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    Running Bear's October 2022 Coffee Shop

    IDK, sleeping? :D Good morning Smudge....... Good morning every one! Hi Flo....... a cup of deer camp please, French toast with a couple of over easy eggs on the side with sausage patties, thanx! I'm remembering summer this morning, not too railroad related, (although BNSF tracks are in the...
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    Gateway Subdivision

    As seen in the above pictures, after painting the peninsula divide, I installed the logging RR bench work. Like the main level, I installed splice plates at the joints. Installing these helped assure evenness between panels and stiffen the bench work. All of the splice plates are 4 inches wide...
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    Dave's Layout v. 4.0

    Dave, your layout is looking NICE! The rock cut photo is spot on. I like how it puts you at eye level on the track at left. Surface crew did a good job there.....👍
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    Just thought I'd

    Regulated to use in the juniper trees, this venerable ol tank car now serves as a livestock water holding tank. The watering trough is down on the flat off the left end.
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    Loading dock feedback

    Not knowing your modeling era/style, just throwing this out there....maybe a kit bash, fix the ramp angle, overlay it with strip wood, turn it into a wooden loading dock?
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    Gateway Subdivision

    Good day Everybody! While I was working on the main level this summer, I kept the staging bench work out in the shop while the temps are mild, but we're starting to get bigger temp swings now, so I moved it all in the layout room, just setting on the brackets loose, so I can move it around while...
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    Running Bear's October 2022 Coffee Shop

    Hello from the western edge of the Great Basin. It's been an interesting summer, suffice to say I had a lot going on, and admittedly, I had reached a point that I wasn't on the confuser for a while. I hate this thing anyway, and it takes me awhile to do something on it, so it was easy to let it...
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    Running Bear's May 2022 Coffee Shop

    Welcome to the end of May! Wow, where did 5 months go? Good morning everyone! I hope all are doing well. Haven't been here so much, been concentrating on the layout. Bench work is not far from being done, finishing up on the painting of the shelf sections. A couple of fallen flags passing the...
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    Out Building dedicated to my Model Train.

    Well, I modified an existing out building/shop. I had it walled off to give a 12x20 space. I had the entire building insulated, walls & ceiling. A little ceramic heater in the train room, set at 65. No heat in the shop part.
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    Front End Friday

    My front end friday today is this SP GP-9, I won't call it mint, but it is brand new. I don't even think there is an hour of total run time on it. Hand rails need a little attention. I can remember getting it from a hobby store in Medford, I lived in Grants Pass then, this would be 1968-9. It...
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    Shinohara Curved Turnout 24/22, Code 100

    Do you mean frog point by chance? The transition area were the wheel tread transfers from the frog wing rail, to the point of the frog. I agree, model RR switches have a big gap in that area. Might be too tight for plastic rolling stock to make it thru/across, if it was scaled.