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    Front End Friday

    Yes and yes! Probably 90% of my steamers are SP models, but there are some Santa Fe, and a few UP, and a lone MoPac.
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    Front End Friday

    A couple of my steamers at the club. Mark Mathu Photo;
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    This JMRI Novice Needs Help

    Google is your friend! A quick search for “JMRI Discussion Groups“ gave plenty of answers from JMRI help to a groups IO group. One thing: don’t attempt to use decoder pro with your ESU Lok Sound decoders. It doesn’t speak German. There have been issues.
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    Espeefan's Passenger Car Modeling

    Check Brass or resourced rails. The older models come up quite often. Sunset models did them too, but the older Max Gray and Balboa models built by KTM are solid runners and good pullers. A fellow with your skill level in brass would have no trouble handling the care and feeding of...
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    Running Bear's February 2024 Coffee Shop

    Good morning all! Looks like we've lost American Model Builders. :(
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    Running Bear's February 2024 Coffee Shop

    Nice catch for you as well. A little history. 611 was in a rather bad accident and was put through extensive repairs to get her roadworthy again. As a consequence, when the J class was being retired, she was just in too good of a shape to be set on the deadline, so she was preserved. Lucky us!
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    Espeefan's Passenger Car Modeling

    Hi folks! I know I said I was done with Daylight cars for a while, but I was browsing Evil-Bay the other day and low and behold look what turns up: This is a 70-D-10 Diner. Along with the Tavern/Lounge and the Coffee Shop cars I just did, this was the third of the dining cars on the original...
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    Running Bear's February 2024 Coffee Shop

    Thanks Patrick. On Medicare: Get a G plan supplement. That's what I have, and I pay my deductible, about $223.00 per year, and very little else, and I'm a cancer patient. Some of the part D drug plans have a large deductible, but this can depend on what your prescription list looks like. I...
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    Running Bear's February 2024 Coffee Shop

    Yeah Cancer Sucks! we'll get through it though!
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    Running Bear's February 2024 Coffee Shop

    Good Morning All! 33 here in the frozen tundra, with snow returning this afternoon, however briefly. The weather guesser says we'll get into the sixties next week so the roller coaster weather continues. On a personal front, I met with my medical team. Looks like another surgery to clean...
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    Front End Friday

    The San Joaquin Daylight at Hillsboro Station, North American Prototype Modelers.
  12. Articulated Coach.jpg

    Articulated Coach.jpg

  13. Articulated Coach #2.jpg

    Articulated Coach #2.jpg

  14. Tavern Lounge.jpg

    Tavern Lounge.jpg

  15. 77-D-7 Diner.jpg

    77-D-7 Diner.jpg

  16. SOHO Coffee Shop.jpg

    SOHO Coffee Shop.jpg

  17. Articulated coach #3.jpg

    Articulated coach #3.jpg

  18. Chair.jpg


  19. SOHO RPO Baggage.jpg

    SOHO RPO Baggage.jpg

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