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    Benchwork for the Atlas HO-12 The up and Over Dog Bone

    Is there any pictures for the Atlas HO-12 "THE UP AND OVER DOG BONE." I am looking for the benchwork plans.
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    Track cut sheet for different vender track parts

    I am looking for a cut sheet that breaks down all venders of track numbers. Atlas Code 100, Code 83, Tru Track, Bachmann E-Z track. Trying to piece together a parts list. I need a cross reference on these different track numbers (parts).
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    Atlas HO-12 The over and under dog bone

    Is there a layout that is 2 layers that would use this dog bone? Looking for HO scale. I can build a 2 level layout, I need plans and bench work. Please advise.
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    Atlas HO-12 The over and under Dog bone

    Has anyone built this layout? Please send pictures if you can. Is this track plan available on SCARM or Atlas track software or any other track software programs? I have the #9 Atlas book for beginners, not much to go with.
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    Bachmann EZ-Track plan TT-9

    The inside tracks are for stock yard, train station so forth. Not used that much. Just for show.
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    Bachmann EZ-Track plan TT-9

    Turn 3 and turn 5 will make a continuous loop. One is the main line with 2 trains and the other is the inside for 1 train. These are the only switches that I need to change (switch) when the train comes through.
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    Bachmann EZ-Track plan TT-9

    I will try to clarify. I am using Atlas True-Track. Layout TT-9. Eagle Rock Route. All of my track is Bachmann snap track. I am running 3 trains. Two trains on the outer loop and one on the inner loop. All three trains are going the same direction and the same speed. I have bought 6 (1x prewired...
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    Bachmann EZ-Track plan TT-9

    Yes. I would like to us DC control system. I would like to set up blocks. As one locomotive comes into a block a IR signal picks it up. Then it transfers power to the switch ahead to move in the correct position, using an Atlas snap relay. As the locomotive comes out of the switch, another IR...
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    Bachmann EZ-Track plan TT-9

    I am having problems sending or copying my file over to be sent to you through this program. I need an email address to send it to you.
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    Bachmann EZ-Track plan TT-9

    I might be on the slow side; I have put together this layout on a 4x8 sheet of plywood. So far everything is working fine. I am running DC for this layout. I am having a tough time finding or labeling the blocks for this. I have purchased 6- prewired 1 meter IR sensor train detector for signal...
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    Circuitron Tortoise Switch Machine ???

    Thanks for all of your replies. Now explain if they can be used on Bachmann's ez-track turn outs. I also like the use of the Atlas snap relays for the use of panel lights.
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    Circuitron Tortoise Switch Machine ???

    I might be old school. My question: The Circuitron Tortoise Switch Machine is used on DCC track systems only? Can it be used on a DC track system? I need to replace my old Atlas Snap Relays with a good switching unit on my DC track layout. Someone please explain.
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    Power supply needed

    I am looking at a power supply 6v to 24v dc/ac max 2000ma. I am running 6 to 10 1xmodel train detector automatic signal controller crossing system trigger etc. Please give me a manufacture plus a part number. There are so many out there. Looking at buying 6 to 10 units.
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    Model railroad tools Caddy

    I am looking for a caddy (upside down) work caddy for my locomotives and other rolling stock. Use as a workstation to service and lube, add rubber tires, etc. Something that will hold the locomotive on a worktable. Any ideas?
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    Atlas #200 Snap-relay

    I have 8 turnouts on my layout. I was wondering if I can add trackside signal lamps (Dwarf signal Leds) and 3 lamp signal towers to one snap relay? Looking at the Instruction sheet for the Atlas #200, figure 4 and figure 5, can 1 snap relay work to do both? If so, please send me a diagram. I...
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    LED lighting

    Is there any way to add red and green led lights for detection and signals at trackside and at the control panel using the old school Atlas snap relay #200 and the ez track turnouts using the Atlas switch controls? All of this is not on a dcc system.
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    Train layout table

    On this 4' x 8' layout table, I need to work on all sides. the power actuators will help lift the table (with all the weight (scenery, buildings, etc..)). I took the plywood and cut it into 3 Pices, that worked and using 1 actuator became a problem, too much weight on the tabletop. and I had to...
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    Train layout table

    I have been kicking around an idea for months. I need your help or ideas. I am looking at building my HO or N scale railroad layout on a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood. Fine and dandy. I want it to be hinged like a trap door, that way when you work on the underside it is facing up (you are not...
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    Miniature lights for turnouts and control panel switches

    I am looking at using the Atlas Relay Switch (200) to power red and green trackside lamps. I will be using similar lamps to mount on the control panel. I am using the small standard transformer with AC and DC connections. I need the lamps on the AC side, non-resistors. Any ideas on getting the...

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