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  1. FunValleyLine

    Lionel PS-4 Piggyback flat weathered

    Well I think it looks good. Am really surprised no one else on here can even comment.
  2. FunValleyLine

    Kadee Trucks and Replacing The Trucks Springs

    Also there is a spring tool. I have one somewhere but have never had much luck with it.
  3. FunValleyLine

    Kadee Trucks and Replacing The Trucks Springs

    I usually assemble the cross bar and one side frame with springs. Then get the wheel sets lined up and put on the other side frame. Put small rubber bands on both ends to hold the truck together. Then install the other 2 springs. If you lay the springs flat and use an Xacto blade at one end of...
  4. FunValleyLine

    Hello from Pennsylvania

  5. FunValleyLine

    Woodland Scenics Just Plug failures ???

    I know nothing about this but went to looking to see what it is all about. One thing I did see was the bulbs have to be plugged into a lighting hub. Lighting hubs can be plugged into and expansion hub. Bulbs plugged into expansion hubs will blow. Again dont know what I am talking about but...
  6. FunValleyLine

    New guy from Ohio.

  7. FunValleyLine

    New Member

  8. FunValleyLine

    Electrical pickup issue

    It isn't conductive, however it is used to keep electrical connections clean. It keeps water away and doesn't attract dirt. I have used it on pickup trucks and other conductive areas on my layout. Put it on and wipe off as much as you can. In other words use very sparingly. It wont cake up and...
  9. FunValleyLine

    Electrical pickup issue

    Dielectric Grease
  10. FunValleyLine

    When you have to share the street with a train.

    Very cool will be adding that!!!
  11. FunValleyLine

    Clean Track - Revisited

    I run my cleaning train with an old junk diesel never a good engine. Run multiple cleaning cars in the train and a dry pad one last. Curves, turns and turnouts sometimes are cleaner than straights. This is because of friction there isnt much in a straight. My straights are never really...
  12. FunValleyLine

    Clean Track - Revisited

    I have a 24'x24' layout 8.9 miles of nickel silver HO Flex Track. Jumper at every joint. Drops and feeders every 6 feet. Always under construction but always a train running if not 5 at once if I am in the bldg. Have a double filter air cleaner running 24/7 and heat and A/C sealed environment...
  13. FunValleyLine

    Not too sure of where to put this, or how long it will last as it's a news item on today's CTV newscast

    Was scrolling through catching up. Life happens and I havent been around for 10 years or something crazy. Got divorce, Life was crazy, Started the Brady Bunch and rebuilt the house and got the kids off to college. Have a new grandson yesterday and have a new inspired reason to model railroad.

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