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    Transitioning Between Different Track Codes?

    In planning my route, I'd like to have my industrial siding made of a much thinner, shorter track than the mainline - like real life. What have you guys done in order to correctly transition between different track codes, and what would you recommend? Is there a piece I can purchase to do...
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    Building the actual benchwork and frame

    I think it's suppose to be
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    Show Us Your Desktop!

    Here's mine from work.
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    Coal Tower blueprints

    Great link - I had a second to quickly browse through, and it look like it has a lot of great tutorials. Thanks
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    Concrete Ties??

    Does anyone know of a manufacturer who makes a decent concrete tie track? I’ve yet to see anything but old school.
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    Rio Grande Heritage Unit

    I think it's great that UP's going through all the trouble, and expense to do these heritage units! I wish BNSF would follow with a GN, NP, ATSF, and BN units.
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    The Zephyr, or Super Empire Builder Set??

    Alright, I just bought the Zephyr starter set online - $160 shipped. Thanks again guys!
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    The Zephyr, or Super Empire Builder Set??

    I did wonder about the programming issue - thanks grande man. Ken, I wasn't appreciating that you could get 1 train going, and then switch to another. I know it said in the manual that you could run up to 10 trains, but when it said you had to buy additional throttles to contol more than 1 I...
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    The Zephyr, or Super Empire Builder Set??

    Wow I'm really having a hard time with this one. I've been making some progress on my route (bench work), and last Saturday I decided to go ahead and order my DCC system. I was set on the Zephyr, and looked online and found it for $150. Fifty-bucks cheaper than I thought I was going to spend...
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    The Big Book of DCC - Any Reviews?

    Thanks Bob, On Digitracks site it says that the 1st edition is "currently out of print." I'm not sure if that just means sold out, or if a 2nd edition is just around the courner. Either way, it sounds like the 1st edition has old news in it. I've found a lot of great info just by...
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    The Big Book of DCC - Any Reviews?

    As a newbie to the world of DCC I thought I'd buy a book to answer my questions, and give me a better understand of just what I need to buy in order to do what I want. Anyone have a suggested reading list on this topic? I was going to buy "The Big Book of DCC," by Digitracks. Can anyone...
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    Digitrax signal/ computer system

    Wow - what a fun layout! Really makes you wish, and want. Thanks for sharing the links, there's great intoduction info here. I'm guessing that the guy is sponsored by Digitracks. Not that it's a bad thing, just take that into consideration.
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    Gone Fanning, 1:1 Style

    See you there LRF!! I hope you brought lots of memory!
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    > 2.5%? Why Not?

    Yes - I was referring to HO and wheel slippage. :D I do think real world steam is lame though. Unless it's hauling freight like say in China, but I think steam power today is lame. :eek: I get much more excited seeing an all SD40-2 lash up, or 6 GEVO's elephant style in notch 8 creeping...
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    Chicken Scratch Showing Latest Plans

    Oh, and there is an 18" radius curve on the low line by the doorway which is going to be eased to at least 22.
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    Chicken Scratch Showing Latest Plans

    OOOH - Yeah, there will be an isle way that runs between the helix, and yard with another lift bridge. :D I stopped short of finishing that part of the layout. I just drew in the boarders to help show what I have to work with. I'm still trying to nail down the grade, and additional siding...
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    Chicken Scratch Showing Latest Plans

    Here is a rough draft of what I am trying to do. Its a part-shelf, part table-top layout. More sidings will be added, and I plan on using a DCC system. Starting from the yard a train would run level all the way through the loop. Once through the loop, a train could either go back to the...
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    > 2.5%? Why Not?

    Well at the risk of offending my fellow railfans, I think steam power is lame. :eek: To me, they're nothing more than another passenger train, and out in the NW, they often have a diesel right behind them doing the work. I was hoping you guy were going to come back and say that it was a...
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    > 2.5%? Why Not?

    Hey guys, I went back to the drawing board with my garage layout. I'm planning on a 2 level shelf layout, and I'll be using a helix at one end, and a long grade, at the other. Anyway, I searched the forums, and I read 2.5% a lot, but I couldn't find any info on why that seemed to be what...
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    Tightest HO Radius You'd Do?

    I've thought about shelfing the layout around the garage. That would give me a TON of track, and the curves would be pretty smooth as stated, but that really takes up any storage space in the garage. I'm thinking of doing a combo of shelves, and tables. It's going to require more...

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