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  1. tenwheeler

    American Freedom Train.......

    AWESOME, Johnny... you have a real work of art there, and an American Treasure. Thanks for sharing... Bob
  2. tenwheeler

    Union Pacific's #844 enroute to KC....

    Sorry, Josh... but I didn't. Bob
  3. tenwheeler

    Union Pacific's #844 enroute to KC....

    Yeah, Rex... I think it was a year and a half ago when the UP's Challenger rolled thru, and for the first time in quite a while I again felt the magic of being dwarfed by such a "giant". Bob
  4. tenwheeler

    Union Pacific's #844 enroute to KC....

    More shots of 844.... Bob
  5. tenwheeler

    Union Pacific's #844 enroute to KC....

    Here are a few shots of UP's 4-8-4 at a stop-over at Liberty, MO en route to Kansas City's Union Station. Bob
  6. tenwheeler

    2 New York Central Jade Green 40' Boxcars

    Fantastic weathering, Aggro... that is so well done, they truly look like real cars. Bob
  7. tenwheeler

    American Freedom Train.......

    Awesome work, Johnny... both your modeling and photography !!! Thanks for continuing to share your work on this project. Bob
  8. tenwheeler

    Down on the Interchange Track Pics & Video at 11

    Thanks for the great "run-by"... your modeling and your photography are both first rate ! Bob
  9. tenwheeler

    This week's project

    Your FreightLiner looks awesome, Steve... looks like you are moving right along with your layout. Bob
  10. tenwheeler

    Red Oak, IA derailment....

    Well, Ken... 57 cars of the 131 car coal train jumped the rails, but luckily no injuries or fatalities in this one. It happened just outside of Red Oak, Iowa, and the only thing the derailment "tied up" was the rail line... all traffic was re-routed, and getting back on schedule. Bob
  11. tenwheeler

    PM's from New Member

    No, Willis.... I got tagged too. (I flushed the message... as it was just too weird !) Bob
  12. tenwheeler

    New shots from the BNSF

    Great shots, GM... but that track needs some serious work !!! Bob
  13. tenwheeler

    Red Oak, IA derailment....

    A few more derailment pix (a sad sight...), it happened Sat. afternoon 5/12/07 Bob
  14. tenwheeler

    Red Oak, IA derailment....

    Here are some shots from the BNSF coal train derailment at Red Oak, IA.... quite a mess !!! Bob :eek:
  15. tenwheeler

    Penn Central Passing the Grain Elevator; Stills and Vid

    That "run-by" was fun... I enjoyed your good looking modeling & photography. Bob
  16. tenwheeler

    WEEKEND PICTURE FUN May 11th 12th 13th

    Just stuck my head in to check out the weekend pix... great photos, one and all. I never picked up a camera this weekend, still working on the backside of the layout. I got to spend some money at Sears however, as both of my 3 yr. old 18 Volt Craftsman drill battery packs "crossed over" on...
  17. tenwheeler

    PRR on The Hillside - Stills & Video

    Fantastic run-by, Tom... thanks for sharing your neat shots & video's. Bob
  18. tenwheeler

    New layout (progress photo's...)

    Thanks, Josh... here is another video, and this one has an answer to that "lift-out" wiring question.
  19. tenwheeler

    New layout (progress photo's...)

    I just came across this one on "the Tube", and since I have a Campbell's kit double track bridge that I plan to use in a lift-up or swing-up section in front of the doorway to the train room, the one shown in the video really caught my eye. Does anyone have any ideas on how this bridge was...
  20. tenwheeler

    New layout (progress photo's...)

    After tearing out my old layout, I have been working away on the new one... but once my small train room had it's benchwork cleared out, I thought I would correct all those little details that bugged me for so long. First off, I had a 2 bulb florescent fixture that didn't throw enough light...

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