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  1. J

    Please explain Atlas Snap vs Custom line switches

    GREAT THREAD Wombat and Flyboy have shared some keen insights into the not so simple task of laying code 83 track. Agree wholeheartedly with Wombat on choosing one brand of track and using it exclusively. Here is a picture of the rail height mismatch Wombat referred to. Flyboy, Atlas has...
  2. J

    Art, have not seen you posting in years, hope you are well and still enjoying model...

    Art, have not seen you posting in years, hope you are well and still enjoying model railroading. I have always enjoyed your layout pictures. Joe Baldwin
  3. J

    Comment by 'Joe Daddy' in media 'Car_Exchange_KP_W_65'

    This is a realistic looking scene.
  4. J

    Problems with "The Central Midland" Atlas HO-29 layout w/Pics

    Looking through the pictures once again, I am reminded how much I grew to dislike this plan. Spaghetti is certainly the right word. However I learned a lot about what not to do and thnk the experience with the Central Midland was worth the year of my life. My railroad rather looks finished...
  5. J

    Diesel Drive Axle Gears

    Parts in stock says Athearn. Carey, thanks for your response. The new revised and 'improved' axles and gears do not seem to crack, they 'spinout'. Also, the new setup is an outside frame so the glue has no opportunity to foul the bearing surfaces. I've had 3 locos fail with the new...
  6. J

    Diesel Drive Axle Gears

    JWB, Genesis it is, sorry for the omission. As you can see above, I did find the pn, however a quick Google was not productive. Here is a link to the actual part number on the Athearn website, Talk about round about way to find it though...
  7. J

    Diesel Drive Axle Gears

    The old style wheels use Square collars on the shaft for conducting power, the new style use an outside the truck frame bearing retainers that pick up current off the pins on the hubs of the wheel themselves. Joe Baldwin
  8. J

    Diesel Drive Axle Gears

    JWB, Thanks for your response. I have a set of those gears listed in my parts box, they are the old style gears. Then new style (F7) are very different looking, with a thinner gear profile and much smaller holes in the shaft. Writing this I wonder if they have a parts listing in the 'manual'...
  9. J

    Diesel Drive Axle Gears

    Thanks for your response, Andy. It may sound like electrical problems but they are pretty easy to sort out. The wheel/gear problems are more insidious. Like I said, the new failure mode for the gears is not to crack but slip or spin-out making no noise what ever. Joe
  10. J

    Diesel Drive Axle Gears

    I think you are correct. BTW, the new axle designs by BLI, Atlas and Athearn are much smaller axle shaft and the gears don't split or crack (None of mine have yet) like the old larger shaft gears did, but they do slip/spin-out. Therefore the failures have no audible symptoms. Age and use...
  11. J

    Diesel Drive Axle Gears

    The symptom - a Diesel Locomotive hesitates, stops, then jerks ahead, momentarily shorts, or in extreme cases will not move at all. On Athearn, Atlas, BLI perhaps all HO diesel locos I find they use a split Drive Axle with a gear in the middle to hold the two axle halves in gauge and transmit...
  12. J

    BLI Paragon vs Paragon2

    An old thread but a relevant topic. I have been analyzing the actual differences between the Paragon/QSI and Paragon2 decoders. QSI has Disconnect, Standby and Shutdown controlled by F6 & F9 in neutral (zero speed) Paragon2 has no such feature but does have a ShutDown and Startup toggled by...
  13. J

    Comment by 'Joe Daddy' in media 'Upper Level Benchwork, V2'

    High Trussrod, Thank you for your kind words about my old layout benchwork. Since you mentioned Allen, perhaps your message was intended for another? Have a great day. Joe Baldwin
  14. J

    HO Farm Equipment Joe
  15. Colorado & Santa Fe Layout inches along

    Colorado & Santa Fe Layout inches along

    Latest work on the layout shows some progress over the holidays.
  16. Colorado & Santa Fe Layout inches along

    Colorado & Santa Fe Layout inches along

    Latest work on the layout shows some progress over the holidays.
  17. J

    jmri and android tablet

    The Droid & apple phones & tablets and hardware make excellent throttles dependent upon either JMRI or a Lenz LIUSB (Ethernet version) as the server. It would require a complete port of JMRI to the Droid or Apple OS and the lack of a USB port on most if not all tablets and phones is a deal...
  18. J

    Basic DCC question from newbie

    Digitrax DCS-51 Zephyr would be my choice, comes 100% complete to power a small layout like yours. In response to your original question, Lenz, NCE & Digitrax full DCC systems all work with 16-18 volts AC or DC with at least 5 amps capability.
  19. J

    Mainline rework

    Michael, Looks really fine. Top grade. Joe
  20. J

    Mainline rework

    The scene is very nice, but, since you asked, Michael, the river, it is too bright, almost black or very dark blue/green would be my preference. Joe

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