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    MLE Scale Models HO & N hitches!

    Like these? ;)
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    New Bowser/Stewart Ready-to-Run Freight Cars

    The rest of my inventory of Bowser RTR is up for auction, starting prices $12.95 - $13.95. Auctions end 1/12/08.
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    A Bone to Pick with Walthers!

    I certainly don't mean to alleviate Walthers of any wrongdoing. As I mentioned, I'm not a big fan of the company. Among other reasons, they won't sell to me as a dealer because I don't have a brick-and-mortar store (I'm a full-time college student, so my business is 99.9% online). I've had...
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    A Bone to Pick with Walthers!

    I'm sorry to hear about your problem, and understand your frustration, but I think there is some confusion here as to how the Walthers system works. This is direct from their website: Walthers is NOT saying the dealer has it in stock, they are saying that if you, for whatever reason, want...
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    Home built spray booth

    I bought mine on eBay (a little over a year ago if I recall correctly). A metal fab shop was selling them, and as they had just started, the price was around $125 + shipping (in my case totaling less than $150). The quality was great, easy to bolt together, the motor and fan were great, and I...
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    New Bowser/Stewart Ready-to-Run Freight Cars

    I received my shipment a little over a week ago...nice looking cars! Some are still available on my website, I have a bunch listed on eBay right now, and the rest are already sold out. They seem to be pretty popular cars, but I think some of the NS and Conrail hoppers are going to stay with me :D
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    impack spine cars...

    Hi Rich, I had a whole box full of the Athearn impack car kits, but I sold most of them on eBay and just kept the undecorated kits (to eventually paint in TTX colors). Floquil makes a "TTX Yellow" but I'm not sure how close it is to the Athearn color. I've also heard of others using "CP...
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    Thanks alot China

    I've mentioned buying models made in the US on this forum for the past three years...only a couple people mentioned similar sentiments, as most didn't seem to care where they came from as long as they were cheap and good looking. It's interesting how the media can influence thought patterns...
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    Intermodel prices?

    The more detailed a car is, the more difficult (and therefore expensive) it is to construct the tooling. There can also be a higher loss during production for that type of car because of the fragile details. Plus intermodal equipment is becoming more and more popular...manufacturers and...
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    Athearn GP38-2

    The handrails are made of acetal. Delrin is a brand name (made by DuPont I believe), much like saying 'Velcro' instead of 'hook and loop.' Delrin is almost impossible to glue, and due to its slippery nature, difficult at best to paint. It does, however, have a great deal of flexibility...
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    printing your own decals

    If you're using an inkjet printer you have to seal the decals before you try to apply them or the ink will just run. I've had pretty good luck using my color laser printer for decals, since it uses powdered colorants instead of ink, and doesn't run as easily as the inkjet decals I tried (even...
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    1/87th Vehicles

    Do you have an HO scale ruler or another 1:87 vehicle you could take a picture of side-by-side with the Matchbox truck? It looks pretty nice, and if it's close enough, some A-line wheels and tires would make a huge difference.
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    1/87th Vehicles

    I was about to tell you there's a seller on eBay from the Netherlands that has them for $9.99, but it looks like you already found them :rolleyes:
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    Post Your Intermodal Collection!

    I will PM you a list as soon as I finish cataloging a couple more boxes I found. I want to hang on to a lot of it for future modeling, but the fleet could use some thinning.
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    Micro Mark's Truck Tuner: Counterproductive?

    I've never used it myself, but every time I read about the Truck Tuner it's always positive. Removing too much material could make the operation worse, as the axle could have enough lateral motion to slide off center and the weight on one side of the truck would be distributed almost entirely...
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    need railroad crossing this time

    Back to the original question, NJ International does make a ServoMaster activation system that includes optical sensors for the track. I would guess you would use it to control a switch machine or something of that sort to raise and lower the gates.
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    Traffic lights

    You would have to buy two units and 'bash' them to get what you want. It might be a little tricky because of the wiring but I certainly think it can be done.
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    Right sound for VO-1000?

    I don't have any sound units in stock but I will be ordering more soon. They are listed on my website here: I will be adding the new models shortly. I'm planning to order a Zephyr system just for doing demos and videos, so I will be working on them...
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    "Trash Train"

    If you get the History Channel, keep an eye out for the show "Boneyard." They did an episode all about trains, including scrapping rail, rolling stock, and locomotives. They show a scrap yard and gondolas used for transport. Likewise, if you get the Discovery Channel, there is an episode of...
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    Right sound for VO-1000?

    From what I was told, Lok and an employee from Bowser actually found a VO-1000, were able to have if fired up, and recorded all of the sounds that are on the decoder, so it should sound pretty good. The new units I'm referring to come from the factory as a powered chassis with the decoder and...

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