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  1. BNSF dude

    Via f40ph-2

    You going to make the version with the third xenon headlight?
  2. BNSF dude

    What's your Best custom locomotive?

    Has to be an AC, CP doesn't have Dash 9's.
  3. BNSF dude

    Help Programming the T55 ES44DC

    CV08 = x008 will reset the whole decoder to factory settings.
  4. BNSF dude

    Some CN units from my collection...

    Guessing by the strobes, I'd say it is most likely an RCL.
  5. BNSF dude

    loksound troubbles

    Call ESU Out of St. Cloud. They're very nice about customer support. Its either that or they were afraid I'd haul myself up there, as I only live 45 mins away.
  6. BNSF dude

    Front and Rear Ditch Lights

    Flash rate is CV 59 IIRC.
  7. BNSF dude

    Weekly Photo Fun 11-20/Turkey Day!

    I got my DT400 upgraded, its really really nice. How do you like your 402?
  8. BNSF dude

    SD60M w/DCC&Sound

    Doesn't matter. ES series use GEVO12's. Dash 9's AC44's and Dash 8's use FDL16's with fuel injectors.
  9. BNSF dude

    GEVO's & ACe/DCe's

    HOLY CRAP! I will put an MRL ACe on order!
  10. BNSF dude

    SD60M w/DCC&Sound

    The IM GEVOs will come with Soundtraxx Tsunami's custom recorded from a GEVO-12 engine. It will have the 3rd generation GE sound we've been looking for, but will not be accurate for GE's with FDL16's. Its been said they are making just for the manufacturer, but later will produce decoders with...
  11. BNSF dude

    Athearn RTR gp35

    The new SD45's are damn fine models if you ask me, I have the GN 400 in HO.
  12. BNSF dude

    Sound and DCC into an old Athearn GP59?

    I do not know if you can have directional ditchlights without adding a seperate function decoder. But I do know ditchlights can flash, you need to add a 470 Ohm Resistor inline with the function wire-headlight connection to keep from blowing the bulb. It also comes with the perfect Nathan P5 for...
  13. BNSF dude

    Sound and DCC into an old Athearn GP59?

    GP60s use a EMD 16-710G3A engine. 16 cylinders producing 3800 HP. The GP59 uses a 12-710G3A engine with 12 cylinders producing 3500 HP. The decoder you'd obviously want to use is a EMD 710 Diesel Tsunami Decoder. I highly recommend it, I use one for my EMD F59PHI and it sounds very nice.
  14. BNSF dude

    Weekly Photo Fun 11-06/11-12

    Look how freakin' huge those couplers are! My god!
  15. BNSF dude

    Does anyone sell these?

    Those are the brake cylinders that press the brake pads against the wheels via linkage.
  16. BNSF dude


    Watch him already have the shell painted. :p
  17. BNSF dude

    What makes it a Super 7

    Super 7's are a Dash 7 or U boat rebuilt with Dash 8 EFI FDL-16's, new electrical equipment, refurbished cabs, and rebuilt cooling systems.
  18. BNSF dude

    Cn fm24-66

    It would be a Nathan/Holden M3H most likely, as K3H's weren't in existance at the time.
  19. BNSF dude

    Weekly Photo Fun 10-2 / 10-8

    311 would be that very devil. Huge stinker she is, too! I saw her in Livingston earlier this year while on vacation.
  20. BNSF dude

    Weekly Photo Fun 10-2 / 10-8

    Bingo! Perfect, they even have the small nose "dot". If you could do it on the Genesis or RPP shell for me, and superdetail it, I'd be awfully happy! I'll will make my family give me money and this could be the present, along with a Tsunami 645.

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