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    Photos from my layout

    Alot of nice photos I especially like some of the night shots!
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    weekend photofun 24-26 October 08

    Well I don't have anything amazing too add this week just more progress on my layout, I started laying cork (in my opinion, the worst and hardest part) on my layout so far 20% done about. Nice photos everyone by the way!
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    DCC Question

    If you have $200 I would get a MRC Prodigy Express, It's a big step up from Bachman and only costs about $130 (Price Varies) it's a 1.5 amp system and it will give you more options and control features then the Bachman and is really easy to set up and use. Although the disadvantages are that...
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    How Old Were You?

    I was about 8 or 9
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    Removing plastic window glazing

    Do you know what type of glue it was?
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    Bring plastic together

    I have always used testors plastic cement.
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    To keep or not to keep.

    It doesn't look natural it looks like a plateau, maybe try making it more rounded and smoother if you do want a tunnel.
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    Weekend Photo Fun 10-17,18,19

    Well, Its been awhile since I shared a photo in WPF I have been working on my new layout since the old one had to be torn down, the new one is smaller but I'm looking forward too it just as much. Here are pictures of the track work so far with nothing being final, I still my change and...
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    Athearn RTR Gp38-2

    I did some searching around and it turns out it is not DCC ready it's pretty much a updated Blue Box locomotive. I might go with the atlas, although I did find this nice deal on an BLI sd40-2 w/Sound for only $99 pretty much 50% off retail.
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    Athearn RTR Gp38-2

    It's been awhile since my last locomotive purchase and I have been browsing lately. I was thinking about getting an athearn Gp38-2 perhaps ( It was not mentioned on the site but are there Gp38-2's DCC ready? The last locomotive I...
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    New Layout, New Location

    I'll ponder the idea ;) Come to think of it they use a old team track near me for the same things.
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    New Layout, New Location

    I was thinking about adding a cut around the right side bend... There is a nice railfaning spot near me that cuts though a hill a bit. It's a great place to watch trains... There's a walking path bridge that goes over the NS mainline. and this is looking the other direction rate before...
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    New Layout, New Location

    I'm still thinking about a team track, but i'm trying too avoid the track overwhelming everything else, I, like you, don't want too overdue it on the track. I plan on adding some hills and giving it some character... It will be themed to be in the Pennsylvania area, and PA does have some...
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    New Layout, New Location

    yes, didn't even notice the typo...
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    New Layout, New Location

    Here's the updated version with the added track. As for the roads, I'm not entirely sure how they will be setup. What I put down is just a basic idea, but the overpass idea might work well.
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    Are Digitrax DCC wireless?

    The DCC system connects too the track via wires, similar too DC. Here is detailed information on your system
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    Are Digitrax DCC wireless?

    The Zephyr isn't wireless, but I think it can be upgraded to wireless.
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    Railroad stocks

    By the way im not sure if it's just me or has Norfolk Southern stopped mailing out there Annual Report Books? I haven't got one since 2006, I kinda miss them...
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    Weekend Photo fun 10/11/12 October 2008

    Johntealon30, After seeing a few of your photo's I now know what is causing global warming :P Cool pictures from everyone :)
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    Railroad stocks

    I owned Norfolk Southern stock for about 5 years (I think) I bought it for $21 dollars a share and I never loss money with it and continued a steady rise too about $78 a share 3 weeks ago but since the economy sucks now it dropped too $52 dollars in 3 weeks... Seeing it drop now on a daily basis...

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