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  1. azdiane

    What Do You find to be the Most Enjoyable Aspect(s) of Model Railroading

    For me it's sharing the hobby with my hubby. He and I are also into self-launching electric model sailplanes. Sharing fun is the best part of a relationship.
  2. azdiane

    need smoke box front for Key Hudson

    FOUND IT! I suspected it might have bounced under the bookcase, and I was able to work it out with a yardstick. It's not even the worse for wear. THANKS everybody!
  3. azdiane

    need smoke box front for Key Hudson

    Life does have a way of getting in the way of hobbies sometimes. !
  4. azdiane

    Tried N, got frustrated, went back to HO, happy again

    I'll join this chorus. N is just too tiny for me. I too gave it a good try, and I loved how much of a layout I could get in a space, but I found myself waiting for the train to come out of the tunnel, only to have it disappointingly seem to be about the size of a hot dog. Hubby and I went back...
  5. azdiane

    need smoke box front for Key Hudson

    Hi all, I need the smoke box front for an HO Key Imports 4-6-4 Hudson (Santa Fe 3450). It's a long story, involving a feline. Can anyone suggest a source? Thanks.
  6. azdiane

    HO and N scale's

    A few years ago I had a reasonable foray into N scale after years of HO, and I found the same thing Iron Horseman did. For me, they are just too dang small! The availability of everything from buildings to vehicles is way limited compared to HO. It will always be a matter of personal choice for...
  7. azdiane

    Dead Rail HO ?

    I'm sorry to not have any progress to report. While our motley collection of HO models of all types continues to occupy half our dinner table and two wall shelves, we have otherwise been unable to spend time with the model railroad all year long. Last summer we were verbally making railroad...
  8. azdiane

    Question for those who would know

    Sherrill, what years did you fly the Canyon? My hubby flew 25 summers at the big ditch; I flew only two, 2000 and 2001. Diane
  9. azdiane

    Dead Rail HO ?

    Life-Like makes steel flextrack. I think the wheels running on the rails will keep the rust off them. That's what I think anyway... it works on full-size train tracks. I hope I'm right. If not, an occasional cleaning, no more than nickel-silver rails would require, should keep them looking...
  10. azdiane

    Dead Rail HO ?

    The silvery glint... I'm a pilot, and one of my favorite joys it looking down on a real train that looks as small as a model from that perspective. When the sun angle is right there is a brilliant silvery glint from the real steel rails, a visual that I find iconic to railroading. I have...
  11. azdiane

    Dead Rail HO ?

    Thanks, everybody for these links. These are super. It's clear that the radio receiver stuff is small enough to fit in HO. Please keep the info coming. Hugs, Diane
  12. azdiane

    Dead Rail HO ?

    If I correctly understand how this r/c link works, and somebody please help me out if I don't, I think it doesn't replace DCC functions, including speed and direction and sound, it simply commands your existing DCC through r/c signals instead of through signals in the track power. It doesn't...
  13. azdiane

    Dead Rail HO ?

    Weight is an interesting consideration, flyboy, thanks for bringing that up. The battery I have on hand is, remember, a model airplane battery for a mid-size flying model. Although electrically correct, it's physically huge for the needs of an HO locomotive. But it will snuggle neatly inside the...
  14. azdiane

    Dead Rail HO ?

    The local garden rail club has a Christmas setup in a mall, with cute big toy-like G size steam locos. In chatting with the folks it turns out it's a "dead rail" setup, with no electric power in the rails. This lady was raving about it. All the electricity is carried on-board each locomotive in...
  15. azdiane

    How long to run a train?

    A couple of years ago hubby and I were going on an overnight trip, and out of pure curiosity as much as anything else we left a Bachman N-scale 4-6-0 running slowly around our little table-top oval of test track, pulling three cars. Neither of us really expected it to still be running the next...
  16. azdiane

    The history of our railroads

    I want to re-up this thread, because I suspect that most of us who have freelance model railroads have an imagined history of their railroad. Please share it with us!
  17. azdiane

    Earthquakes and layouts

    Hubby and I set up a 3' by 4' piece of foam board to use as a three-dimensional "sketch pad" to test the arrangements of buildings and scenery in relation to the tracks. We set it on top of a bookcase, and held it in place with a four pound weight. This morning just about dawn there was a...
  18. azdiane

    Grand Canyon (model)Railroad

    I thought members would be interested in this model railroad article from the Williams AZ newspaper: Diane
  19. azdiane

    Interior for Walthers Silver Springs Terminal bus station?

    I posted this question in the "structures" section, but hope to find more answers in this section. Does anyone know of an interior kit for the Walthers Silver Springs HO bus station? Alternatively, could anyone share a link to pics of the interior of a small bus station like that one. (I've...
  20. azdiane

    Light diffusing

    I have successfully used just Scotch Magic Tape to frost windows. You can also use spray-glue on wax paper. But other ideas here sound better to me than just frosting. I love the back-lit color slide idea. Diane

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