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  1. Enola Yard Tim

    Fixing my numbering mistake

    The only people who would know are you and an Amtrak expert.
  2. Enola Yard Tim

    Need Help Identifing The O guage Trains

    The brown/yellow trolley may be Bowser.
  3. Enola Yard Tim

    Quality O Scale Videos

    Cool stuff! Thank you.
  4. Enola Yard Tim

    Long Island RR Set

    Had Lionel used Madison cars, that would have been so much nicer. But....I love the set anyway. This is just want I wanted at age five, but it didn't exist.......till now. So, it took them several decades to fulfill my desire. They did!!
  5. Enola Yard Tim

    Long Island RR Set

    I've wanted this since I was a child! Growing up on Long Island in the 1960s I saw many of these locomotives hauling both passengers and freight. Thanks Lionel for making this set. I only wish the passenger cars looked more accurate.
  6. Enola Yard Tim

    Baggage car build

    Dang, that's a great kit. I no longer have the patience to build those things.
  7. Enola Yard Tim

    Question about Athearn Drive Axles?

    Didn't some company have a re-gear kit years ago??
  8. Enola Yard Tim

    Convert Bachmann Spectrum Pennsy K4 Pacific

    I got mine around the time they first came out. DCC was very rare, if it even existed at the time.
  9. Enola Yard Tim

    Diaphragms for walthers amfleet cars.

    Wow, I didn't know they existed. Thanks for the info.
  10. Enola Yard Tim

    Cudos To Woodland Scenics!

    Woodland is a fabulous company. They make excellent products and stand behind them too!
  11. Enola Yard Tim

    has NS released any of the heritage paint jobs

    Now, how COOL is that! :D
  12. Enola Yard Tim

    Davetown Bank

    Dave, that is simply......AMAZING! I want one too!
  13. Enola Yard Tim

    Almost pulled the trigger

    As long as you can afford it, buy it!
  14. Enola Yard Tim

    Sputtering Locomotive

    Not only clean the track as waltr said, but clean the wheels on the locomotive too. The dirt from the track probably got on them and they'll need a good cleaning.
  15. Enola Yard Tim

    A newbie wiring question

    Any old transformer would work fine for the lights etc. You can pick up transformers cheaply at trainshows.
  16. Enola Yard Tim

    Instant weathering sprays

    I've never really had good results from sprays. Chalk is very easy to use for weathering, then use dullcote to seal it.
  17. Enola Yard Tim

    What is this?? Powered Passenger Car?

    The Long Island railroad had them too.
  18. Enola Yard Tim

    UPS/FedEX Warehouse

    hey, that would be a cool idea.
  19. Enola Yard Tim

    here is one of the Baldwin /EMD rebuilds I did

    Kitbashing is just plain old fun!
  20. Enola Yard Tim

    This is my S-2 high hood

    That's excellent!

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