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  1. twforeman

    Not dead yet, but we moved again...

    I know I dropped off the face of the earth a bit ago after posting that we were moving. And move we did. I even built out a room in the basement of the new house to put a layout in. But then we decided that the house was just not quite big enough and that it was a little far out from the big...
  2. twforeman

    Tichy 120 Ton Wrecking Crane and Boom Tender

    I'm glad people found this helpful. It was a fun but fiddly kit to build.
  3. twforeman

    Mail Call! Railway Post Office, commonly abbreviated as RPO has rolled in!

    Even though the old layout is torn apart and the new one is barely in the planning stages I've still been picking stuff up here and there. I have some other stuff I haven't taken photos of yet, but this Atlas RS-3 just arrived today. And yes, the horn is coming out. :)
  4. twforeman

    Book - A Century of Lionel

    In like-new condition with dust jacket. Dust jacket has some very light scratches. Smoke-free house. $30 + book rate shipping. I prefer PayPal but will accept money orders and checks.
  5. twforeman

    High costs

    You may not thank me later after you spend all your money on the good deals there. :P
  6. twforeman

    High costs

    Also if you are on Facebook there are a few HO Buy/Sell groups. The prices are not always as good but they are worth a look.
  7. twforeman

    High costs

    You can also join the HO Swap email list to look for bargains. I have purchased a lot of stuff there at good prices. Most listings are priced well. You might have to do a little research to see if the price is reasonable.
  8. twforeman

    Building an airbrush paint booth

    When I started airbrushing again (after many years of not doing MRR stuff) I found I didn't like my really old Badger. So I read a bunch of reviews and picked up an Iwata-Medea Revolution CR Dual Action brush. I'm pretty happy with it. I also built a paint booth - but I made mine out of a heavy...
  9. twforeman

    Hand laid turnouts or store bought - a discussion

    I'm moving house and will be building a new layout. I have the space and a general plan. Obviously I will need some turnouts. On my last layout I hand built the turnouts. I did enjoy doing so, but I wasn't careful enough with my gauging and the turnouts did not work very well. I have a good...
  10. twforeman

    Any experience with digitally printed scenic backdrops?

    I bought mine from and I'm pretty happy with them. They will even modify them for you if needed.
  11. twforeman

    Forsaking Railroad

    Sorry to hear you have to move and give up the layout. Going from O to N will be a pretty big change. Hope it all works out for you.
  12. twforeman

    Won a couple of Sunset Models GN class O-8 locomotives in the GNRHS auction!

    I think I'll do one green and one black. Just for variety.
  13. twforeman

    Won a couple of Sunset Models GN class O-8 locomotives in the GNRHS auction!

    These are a pair of nice looking models (if you ignore the cosmetic foam damage.) The O-8 class has long been on my wish list and I got a screaming deal on them in the auction. One has an open cab, and one has a closed cab. Getting them running and painted will be a major project, and...
  14. twforeman

    Moving! Good news and bad news...

    We closed on the house successfully - and while we were on vacation in Montana no less. We need to do some minor work on the main floor (mostly painting) and then we can start moving in. The basement needs a lot of finishing work, but we will do it in phases - the railroad will probably be...
  15. twforeman

    Bakers Chocolate tank car, bring your own donuts!

    Do the marshmallows go in a box car? :) Very nice.
  16. twforeman

    There's a prototype for everything - using an old grain car to load trucks

    Apparently this is in LaJunta, Colorado. Couldn't find it with a quick Google map search.
  17. twforeman

    There's a prototype for everything - using an old grain car to load trucks

    Found this on the internet. Might be an interesting addition to a grain elevator scene.
  18. twforeman

    A very small 2225gal Bromine tank car!

    Okay, that's just too cute. Also some very nice modeling!
  19. twforeman

    Moving! Good news and bad news...

    We've been in our house for 31 years. We have a ton of stuff. And the new house is smaller. There will be culling. Lots of culling. I expect the packing to take quite a while. Dismantling the layout shouldn't be too hard, I sort of built it with moving in mind, but I don't think I'll keep much...
  20. twforeman

    Moving! Good news and bad news...

    We are downsizing, but the trains are coming with us! :)

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