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  1. wvg_ca

    Part of Flex Track Section Dead?

    very probably just dirty ..
  2. wvg_ca

    Capacitance flywheel.

    12 volt at 5 ma is nowheres sufficient ... you should have diodes rated for 50 volts [or more] and 1 amp or better
  3. wvg_ca

    Capacitance flywheel.

    no i never did make a wiring diagram, just put it together about six to eight years ago .. i do remember that the diodes were 1N4001 as i do have several hundred of them .. it's a shame that your SX controller doesn't have momentum as that way would be a lot easier ...
  4. wvg_ca

    Capacitance flywheel.

    yes, two capacitors back to back [so they work in both directions under DC], with two diodes, and [as a suggestion] two resistors to limit inrush current .... the same result can be achieved by using the 'momentum' slider on your power supply [if you have that] .. i had made one for DC but it...
  5. wvg_ca

    Track Main Bus?

    yes, it would work if the wire count [stacked] was within the connectors limits ..
  6. wvg_ca

    The “Give Tony Grief” Thread

    i ran slopes of 2 /2% on my layout .. it was sixteen feet by fifteen feet in size, and i had elevation changes of up to nine inches in there , there was very little that was flat .. the layout is on the scarm web site, and it's named the squirrel creek railroad ... era is 1890 so there is very...
  7. wvg_ca

    Custom decals.

    there's another way to make your own, it's called an inkjet printer .. cost is maybe ten bucks for five eight by eleven sheets of decal paperer ..drawbacks are two, first it wont do white, and secondly it needs a light coat of clear matte to set the colour inkjet dye into the paper .. i made a...
  8. wvg_ca

    Snap or flex track

    well, on my layout i used both ...mostly snap track to get the wanted curve, [and marked with a pencil] and replaced with flex to get less joints in there .. some places i used small pieces of snap, but not many .. i got almost all of it into a twenty inch curve radius my layout was fifteen feet...
  9. wvg_ca

    Reducing Wheel Dips at Turnout Frogs

    i had frogs that dipped a little, 0.010 and 0.015 shims took care of that .. not on the top, but in where the wheel tread would go ..i made them out of black styrene and glued them in for permanence .. they were atlas custom line turnouts in ho [code 100]
  10. wvg_ca

    Caboose Industry Ground Throws

    i had them on my layout for a good number of years [the sprung HO ones] and i pushed them to the ground regularly, no problems at all, used dr.mikes ca to hold down the delrin
  11. wvg_ca

    Soldering Stations

    the warranty should be gone on this unit by now, i have had it over ten years by now, lol actually i don't think you can buy it 'new' anymore, at atleast from hakko
  12. wvg_ca

    Soldering Stations

    that hakko was less than 50 used on ebay ...came with two dozen tips
  13. wvg_ca

    Soldering Stations

    i still like my hakko 936 with the medium tip ...
  14. wvg_ca

    No speed control DC

    it's -probably- the transformer ... if you tried multiple locos and got the same result, the only common item is the transformer ... might be worth fixing, maybe not , a new one isn't much money after all ..
  15. wvg_ca

    Kato powered chassis as powered freight car pushers

    i have used athearn locos to make dummies pushers, but never kato .. dummies are pretty easy to make, just flatten the cab ..
  16. wvg_ca

    Low temp glue gun

    a regular [ mains powered] glue gun designed for 3/8 inch glue sticks shouldn't run more than 7 or 8 dollars
  17. wvg_ca

    Looking for a price opinion

    depends on how new they are ... most will probably need re lubing, and some will need new foam prices as shown [on brasstrains] are are 'high retail' and unfortunately are seldom realized by the average seller ..
  18. wvg_ca

    Run smoke from decoder

    there are very few [if any] smoke units that operate at 100ma or less, sorry
  19. wvg_ca

    Run smoke from decoder

    you will -probably- have to use a small relay controlled by the function input and the smoke unit will run directly off track power [through a bridge rectifier] .. unfortunately this is an on/off situation, not adjustable for smoke/power levels
  20. wvg_ca

    Cure For Clear Plastic Window Yellowing?

    use real glass, it doesn't yellow, good for the flat stuff is microscope slide cover glass, it's really thin and easily cut with a carbide scriber

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