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  1. Russian

    Realistic train size for N scale

    Good question indeed. I don't have much space myself (54" x 28") and like running long trains. Naturally a train following its tail looks ridiculous - hence I propose a double track cross-over model, that way the tail is on the other track at least LOL. Head and tail end meeting a the crossover...
  2. Russian

    Radius question

    Thanks for the help guys. You've given me much to think about. Definitely no autoracks LOL, besides one can have two other cars in their place. The local tramp job always gives two numbers when coming in the yards for the same reason, 14 cars, length 20 with 6 autos! Being picky now, a SD60...
  3. Russian

    Radius question

    Very interesting thread. I understand the need for looks, however I don't have much room and prefer to maximize trackage... Hence what is the lowest radius a Dash 9 (my longest piece of rolling stock) can accept? 11" Radius, 10" maybe? What about an autorack or a GP38? The reason I ask is that...
  4. Russian

    An awesome Train Cam movie.....

    I know someone who used be a member of their club. He really praised their layout, especially the fact that's on two floors! Now I understand him LOL.
  5. Russian

    A Train Laugh ( some bad language )

    He-he-he. I can see Eric Cartman doing this.
  6. Russian

    start of new layout...comments/critiques welcome

    I'm suprised no one has replied. It looks pretty prototypical to me, except in the middle photo, you'd probably have one long sliding instead of two shorter spurs.
  7. Russian

    Weekend Photo Fun 3/3/06

    MLW, really like those CN photos. Looks great! I myself won't have anything to post for a while, way too busy with everything.
  8. Russian

    Coupler changing

    Good advice. I'll try it next weekend. Thanks for your help.
  9. Russian

    Coupler changing

    3 Sets? Wow, I just have 4 cars and waiting for 2 more. This method works quite well indeed, except the middle two clips are sort of isolated from the rest, inside a box that's not reachable. Do you break off the box or still open it somehow? Then once you get the clips to move, how do you...
  10. Russian

    Coupler changing

    So I should break all the 6tabs on the bottom and then help the roof opens up??? Wish I knew this earlier before building and buying thes einteriors. It took quite a bit of work too. No wonder IHC didn't include instructions on how to insert them.:(
  11. Russian

    Coupler box change out

    My friend who sold it to me says its Athearn, but the couplers aren't the standard Athearn type... I'm going from the Kadee couplers it has to X2F (horn hook), so that it could coupler yup to the rest of my fleet.
  12. Russian

    My new layout

    I like what I'm seing with the CN unit! I thinkw e talked about it on CanModelTrains though as it feels like Dejavu!
  13. Russian

    Coupler box change out

    I keep hearing of people changing their coupler types, but am myselkf unable to do it. All I want to do is open the coupler box and chang the coupler types from type A to B. Yet to coupler box doesn't seem openable... What's your technique? Please help!
  14. Russian

    Coupler changing

    Hi guys, I've teied to insert the interior, but it doesn't work - the roof won't come off! I send an e-mail to IHC about it 48 hours ago and still have no responce...
  15. Russian

    Ebay Easy shipping from Canada

    Thought this might be usefull to some of our members. Canada Post shipping services now available directly from eBay Canada and PayPal websites Canadian eBay users can now create, purchase and print Canada Post shipping labels directly from their computer Ottawa - Canada Post today...
  16. Russian

    Looking for loads...

    althers has lots of matches for coal loads... (These are HO's)
  17. Russian

    Wow! Ya'll Gotta See This (Photography Related)

    I always thought Photoshop could do something like that, but never figured it out...
  18. Russian

    My TT beauties

    Nice to see a Russian M62, very popular locomotive! Great models indeed!:)
  19. Russian

    Weekend Photo Fun! 1-6-06

    School starts tommorrow again. Managed to get the station building started. :p
  20. Russian

    Athearn HO 40'/50' Flat kits

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has bought these kits and knows if the sticks are optional on the platforms. I like the platform itself very much, but not the sticks. So can they be removed from the platform? Without the sticks: With...

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