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  1. afleetcommand

    A week Of Railfan time on the Railroads of Central New York

    A little of everything from last week, NYS&W, Finger Lakes Railway, Amtrak, CSX, and Norfolk Southern Most random catches as I was going thru, but have to admit I WORKED to get the NYS&W SU100 and Fingerlakes.
  2. afleetcommand

    Kansas City AC4400CW 4587 & SD70ACe 4163 East Bound Out Of CSX DeWitt Yards

    These had to pinch hit for an Ailing GE it seems from the radio chatter.
  3. afleetcommand

    Reflections of CSX :)

    Literally "puddle" shots :)
  4. afleetcommand

    CSX Main "ex" New York Central Main East of Syracuse

    Just a couple of hours sitting next to the main and all this went by :)
  5. afleetcommand

    Finger Lakes Railway Auburn to Solvay

    A couple of train chases to compile this video "tour"
  6. afleetcommand

    Another "Sunbury Line" Rail Fan Video, An Inspection Train & 11z Headed South

    A little Rail Fan time in Binghamton NY around the Conklin Rail Yard. Caught Some interesting Stuff & Ended the day watching 11z Start It's journey south. A Few "Cameo" Appearances By: West Bound train Headed By : Norfolk & Southern EMD SD60E 6983 Norfolk & Southern EMD SD60E 6958 Switching...
  7. afleetcommand

    CSX Winter Time East Of Minoa

    Real easy to rail fan CSX. Quite predictable and quite busy. And fortunately for us cool crews and a wide variety of power combinations, singles, single with dpu's both mid train and on the ends. Multiple locomotives head end....and today there was some of ALL of that. In just 1 hour and three...
  8. afleetcommand

    Train In The Rain/Ice Storm Right next to the main road in town. Kind of unique

    Thank you :) It's kind of unique, the "Salt" train as it from the Cargill Salt mine in Lansing New York to Sayre Pa. , Then the cars are shuttled off to the different NS yards like to Gang Mills , Then To Binghamton, and dispersed to parts unknown. :) Ithaca RR is a unique little Short line...
  9. afleetcommand

    Norfolk Southern North Bound 10Z Headed towards Binghamton

    A bit of a chase as we found this while actually chasing 11z south. 10z was on a siding
  10. afleetcommand

    Norfolk & Southern in The Southern Tier of NYS

    Mostly Southern Tier
  11. afleetcommand

    Have a question, Any One Use "Photocell" sensor's for train location?

    Guess we will have to enter the "R&D" phase, think I will start with one of those garage door safety devices :)
  12. afleetcommand

    Have a question, Any One Use "Photocell" sensor's for train location?

    Was thinking about ways to shut off a track for a crossing.....based on the location of the OTHER train coming to the crossing. So something like a gate opener or position sensor to detect a train coming to a crossing and effectively either shutting power off to the adjacent track or adding...
  13. afleetcommand

    Still plays with trains at 73

    A skill set that is ageless. With just a few year shy of your time here on earth, I've kind of rediscovered the Rail Road Hobby. More revisiting my youth with Lionel from the 1950's/60's. My Son and grand kids have engaged and hopefully will enjoy this as I have. Hoping you find folks in your...
  14. afleetcommand

    LOTS Of CSX, 40 Minutes Of CSX In Manlius

    This yard here is one place they are built, no idea where they are taken apart, the Manlius yard is literally miles long and have the over head "crane" system to load & unload those containers. ALSO with the increased shipping to eastern sea port, there prolly will be more of this. I've never...
  15. afleetcommand

    LOTS Of CSX, 40 Minutes Of CSX In Manlius

    Proof yet again the best CSX is the impromptu kind. Seems like every time I go with Purpose to video that particular RR, I end up with nothing. Everytime I wander thru that area, I stumble on to things like this...
  16. afleetcommand

    Fantasy Flag Lionel ALCO's

    One of a series on these 0-27 Lionel Loco's . Had ONE as a kid. Now a Big kid, have more. It's what happens when you retire :) ( Can almost heart the Stix song "too Much Time" in the back ground )
  17. afleetcommand

    How about 0-27 Layouts? A Snow Day & Work In Progress Or " ALCO's Anonymous "

    Snow put a stop to logging operations so had to be in the house.... started by watching my favorite train YouTube channel. Then thinking about now being able to just "put another log in the fire". ONE of those videos from my "favorite train channel" inspired this :)

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