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  1. Brakie

    Athearn's Latest Price Increases: Im out...

    Actually they want today's detailed models at 1980 blue box prices. I don't like the prices either but,there are ways to cut hobby costs.
  2. Brakie

    Athearn's Latest Price Increases: Im out...

    Huh? I guess you haven't notice the road specific details on the Genesis locomotives?
  3. Brakie you really get what you pay for?

    I been quite happy with Athearn RTR and my few Atlas..My Bachmann GE 70 tonner has a mild humm/buzz but not enough to bother me. I'm completely happy with my Atlas N Scale locomotives.
  4. Brakie

    rtr or put together?

    Athearn had RTR back in the 60s(70s?) but,everybody was buying kits. Athearn also made RTR cars for Lionel(HO),Atlas and Cox. Mantua had RTR engines and cars as did Revelle,AHM and Varney. Atlas HO has always been RTR. I prefer todays RTR cars.
  5. Brakie

    Wpf 2/24-3/2

    Here's my newest Athearn RTR FMC offset double door boxcar lettered for Lamoilli Valley RR. I need to do some research for LVRC shippers for the waybills-it might end up serving a transload track customer.
  6. Brakie

    Experience with my very first Athearn locomotive.....

    I have 38 Athearn RTR locomotives,22 older BB locos,17 Atlas,1 Bachmann GE 70 Tonner and 1 P2K GP7. Only the P2K had problems..Two grabs fell off on the short hood.I glued them so that took care of that problem.I plan on buying 3-4 more P2K locomotives. OOPS! Both Athearn RTR CR GP60s had...
  7. Brakie

    this is an outstanding deal

    I'm very impress with the Alco sound-it even has the chirp and whistle of the 539 6L prime mover.
  8. Brakie

    this is an outstanding deal

    No,not a bad price at all. Whispers: I been thinking about buying one with sound.If I do,that will be my second Bachmann-the first being the GE 70 Tonner-very please with this engine.
  9. Brakie

    rolling stock assembly

    Guys,I been using tube glue for years.. Its like Walthers Goo.You gotta learn how to work with it. ;) I use a tooth pick to dab/spread(?) the glue onto the parts. And yes,I still use Goo.:D
  10. Brakie

    New freight engine from Rapido trains

    I might be tempted..A short line could have bought a used GMD-1.
  11. Brakie

    Wpf 2-10/2-16

    My N Scale Southern collection.
  12. Brakie

    Wake Up Train People!

    I seen a Atlas GP9 and GP38 equipped with sound.Both was DC not DCC. I wasn't impress with the sound since it sounded more like white noise then a locomotive.I was more impress with a sound equipped boxcar behind a Atlas MP15DC.
  13. Brakie

    Better N scalae magazine

    I enjoy N Scale Magazine and N Scale Railroading since they seem to compliment each other.
  14. Brakie

    Your favorite Prototype Railroad?

    I have several but,don't model them..I like the PRR,C&O,Santa Fe and UP. In N Scale I can model the Southern,N&W,NS transitional era(locomotives lettered for N&W,Southern,NS) and for modern I can do NS and CSX. In HO I stayed with CR in 89/90 and my Freelance Summerset Ry(78/79)...
  15. Brakie

    Ebay Experiences

    I use a rechargeable charge card. I also like the paypal and ebay buyer protection.Never had to use it but,like you said its comforting knowing its there if needed.
  16. Brakie

    whats your main industry

    Currently the SummerSet Ry has no large customer that it depends on..We do serve 14 industries located in the Slate Creek and Riverview industrial parks as well as 5 on the Slate Creek Transload track.
  17. Brakie

    Ebay Experiences

    As far as e-Bay I only buy from stores and not individual sellers. As far as pay pal I find it very convenient while buying on line-no need to share personal banking information with on line stores.
  18. Brakie

    You've Got To Be Kidding!

    D'OH! Here's the correct link to the shell. Thanks!
  19. Brakie

    Weakly Foto Phun 2/3 - 2/10

    I hear ya! I been thinking about doing 2 exBN lease GP38-2 patch jobs..I haven't made my mind up on what leasing company to letter them for..
  20. Brakie

    You've Got To Be Kidding!

    For shame.. Looky here for a powered SDP40. Shell with handrails...

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