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  1. Roy Buchanan

    H0 custom collection

    Excellent modelling, Jurg. Well done and thanks for sharing. Roy
  2. Roy Buchanan

    Hello From Ontario

    Welcome back to the hobby. Like you, I also returned to the hobby after a long hiatus. Find someone local or even a club where you can get help sorting out all the changes in the hobby. I model freelance logging and CP in the transition era and lucked out in finding a modeller locally with...
  3. Roy Buchanan

    Just curious about insurance

    Insurance Had a long discussion with my insurance company about the layout and associated equipment. It is repkacement cost covered under my homeowner's policy. Roy
  4. Roy Buchanan

    Juneco CPR Caboose build

    I've picked up lanterns from Miniatures by Eric and on epackage by Precision Scale which came with jewels. CMT also sells lanterns, but I haven't gotten any of them yet. A friend has some and they are sweet. Roy
  5. Roy Buchanan

    Juneco CPR Caboose build

    Looking very nice, Glen. Are you going to make the lanterns light up or just use jewels? Roy
  6. Roy Buchanan

    need a bit of help, lettering removal

    Try 99% alcohol if the lettering is painted on and not sealed. You have to use a fine Q-tip and do letter by letter, but it does work on some paints and doesn't remove the body paint if you're careful. Roy
  7. Roy Buchanan

    My First Attempt.

    That's very good for a first attempt, Noel. Well done. Roy
  8. Roy Buchanan

    Hello From The Emerald Isle.

    Welcome fellow CP fan. Looking forward to some pic's of your Irish equipment. It's interesting to see what is used in other countries. Roy
  9. Roy Buchanan

    Juneco CPR Caboose build

    Vans I built two of these back in the early 80's. They were fun to build and not that difficult. Mine are showing wear now and may need a rebuild one of these days. Your attention to detail is noteworthy. Keep up the great work and keep us posted. Are you going to use script or block lettering...
  10. Roy Buchanan

    Great News for Canadian Modelers

    A CP RS23 in maroon and gray block, I'm drooling. Roy
  11. Roy Buchanan

    wpf 1/27 - 2/3 2012

    Panel Pete, my computer sits on my desk right in the middle of my layout. I rearranged some track late last year and need to redo my panel. I figured I'd save some space and create a panel on JMRI. I still have to electronically throw the turnouts. All I'll be using the panel for is throwing...
  12. Roy Buchanan

    Coupler questions...urgent

    I think you are looking for "Kadee" couplers. I suspect you'll want either No.5 or No. 148. The No.5s have a spring box separate from the coupler and the No. 148s have whisker springs and are much easier to put together. There are many different types depending upon the application, but those...
  13. Roy Buchanan

    wpf 1/27 - 2/3 2012

    Panel With the help of a member of the JMRI forum I was able to finally understand the basics of PanelPro. Here's a picture of the panel I made for the layout. It's not hooked up to the layout yet, that'll come later in the year. Everything works as it should. There are only 11 powered turnouts...
  14. Roy Buchanan

    Wpf 1/13-1/19

    That's a great looking building, Karl. Well done and all the best for your recovery. Great pic's all. Roy
  15. Roy Buchanan

    2'x15' yard ideas...

    Cbar, if you try to transition from cork roadbed to the surface of the foam in such a short soace you're asking for trouble. Grades on a turnout don't work well at all. An easy solution to the situation would be to put cork sheeting down in the yard area. Roy
  16. Roy Buchanan

    Quick Stupid Digitrax question

    No, you must use the cables and jacks like the ones from Digitrax. I forget the name, but they are different than the phone jacks. Roy
  17. Roy Buchanan

    Quick Stupid Digitrax question

    Zephyr Of course you can still use your Zephyr. Depending upon what you plan, all you have to do is make, or purchase, Loconet cables and position UP5 panels around the layout. Each UP5 panel can accomodate two handheld tethered throttles. I use the UT4 throttles, but you can also use other...
  18. Roy Buchanan

    adding weight to assembled car

    Sand Make sure nothing can leak out and put sand in the cars from the bottom or a hatch that opens. If you can put the sand in from the top, once you have the weight you want you can always soak the sand with wet water and drop in you 50/50 glue mix to hold everything firm. Roy
  19. Roy Buchanan

    Wpf 11/25-12/2

    That is one beautiful engine, Selector. Roy
  20. Roy Buchanan

    First attempt at a rock mold

    I use plaster of paris. Just make sure you jiggle the mould to ensure that any bubbles in the casting medium get out. Roy

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