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  1. Smoke

    MTH HO Scale SD70ace & SD70M-2 Release Date?

    Yep, two votes for cancelling your MTH order.:D
  2. Smoke

    Grab Irons, Handrails on Proto 2000 locos

    Just use some aftermarket grab irons and dip each end in some thick super glue and then insert the grab iron into the hole. Don't get too much glue on the grab iron or you will get some on the model. If you get too little, the hole doesn't get filled all the way. Once you put in a couple you...
  3. Smoke

    Super GP-30s

    Here is a link to a very nice SD30:
  4. Smoke

    Weekly Photo Fun 6-4/6-10

    I finished up two projects this week, both of them Southern, what a suprise! Here are some pictures!!
  5. Smoke

    Weekly Photo Fun 5-22/5-28

    I went to the trains on the plains train show here in Greeley yesterday and grabbed some shots of the New York Central in operation! The New York central now has operating class lights on its DPUs now which is pretty cool!! I then went to see the OC&E layout in Greeley as well. The...
  6. Smoke

    Ski Train on the move

    For those who are interested........ The Ski Train will soon be leaving Denver for the last time! The train has been pulled from Burnham (the three F40's and the 17 tempo cars -- NOT the "private" cars California, Utah and Kansas) and moved to North Yard. I have heard that UP 7126 might...
  7. Smoke

    Loco Terminology

    The Gull wing refers to the very top of the cab. Its easier to explain through pictures so take a look at this picture. See how the the cab slants right by the number boards at a steep angle and then flattens out again. This is the gulllwing cab...
  8. Smoke

    Who is Ichabod?

    As far as I know "Ichabod" is one person. ICH means "I" in german, and most of his graffiti is ICH. He is also known to have a skull with some/most of his work. This guy isn't as dumb as some of the other folks out there. He leaves reporting marks, lube plates, and other important info...
  9. Smoke

    Saskatchewan! cars have arrived from PWRS

    Why not? They are on the prototype! Quoted from Atlas "As for the "trucks and couplers lettering", we DID place some special lettering and decos on one prototype car: because of the special relationship between the Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation (or SGCC -- the owner of these cars)...
  10. Smoke

    looking for custom decal manufacturers

    Here is another custom decal maker. -Andrew
  11. Smoke

    Kato GP-35 Handrails

    You could always order a set of handrail stanchins that will "work" and drill out the stanchions and replace with brass wire. I did this with a SD45 and it wasn't too hard, just takes a little bit of patience.
  12. Smoke

    KATO SD90/43MAC help!

    I have had trouble on occasion with Kato screws but I finally got a screwdriver to fit right into the screw. No more problems.
  13. Smoke

    I know April Fools Day is coming soon, but,

    They are also making DRGW and a couple other roads. I should sue them, I had the idea first.:D lol
  14. Smoke

    Jerome's Switcher Roster

    No wonder I didn't see them. They don't have the imitation aluminum and delux stripe!:D
  15. Smoke

    Jerome's Switcher Roster

    Point the two SW7 calfs out, I can't find them.
  16. Smoke

    Jerome's Switcher Roster

    So many switchers but only one Southern unit!! How dare you!
  17. Smoke

    Painting Plano Brass?

    Sand blasting would also give it some good tooth. Badger's blaster works great for this.....
  18. Smoke

    Sweet deal on a airbrush

    Now I know where my plastic airbrush came from..... That is a good deal, I might pick some up for that price.
  19. Smoke

    Quick paint question

    Are both of these paints solvent based? The BNSF orange says solvent based but the BNSF green does not. I am looking at products # 270-110180 # 270-110181
  20. Smoke

    What would you call it?

    I'de call it a SD30, and its not the first one i've seen!

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