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  1. jacon12

    What line and era, and why?

    As someone on a forum once said, "I model 1950... give or take 40 years" I was born along the time of the transition era, so I saw plenty of steam engines, but strangely enough I now like diesels on my layout. I run Norfolk Southern, Southern, Georgia and Central of Georgia (when I can find...
  2. jacon12


    I use cabooses no matter the time period. They help me realize I lost part of my train on the backside of the layout somewhere :D and I'd better stop the train and find it. The last caboose I got was this Atlanta and West Point. It didn't have window glass so I used small pieces of...
  3. jacon12

    ranking loco's quality by manufacturer...

    I like Josh's lineup to a T.. well, I might would have to nudge Atlas up neck and neck with BLI.. :) The only Bachmann I've ever considered buying was their Shay and everybody says they're good. Jarrell
  4. jacon12

    locomotive's by atlas

    I only recently bought a couple of Atlas locomotives, one was a GP-7 dc non sound and I installed a dcc decoder in it.. and the other is a Dash 8-30W dcc and sound from the factory. I like the sound in it better than any other locomotive I own and the little GP-7 is just a smooth runnin' little...
  5. jacon12

    Operations Questions from a Confused Coyote

    I've also found a wealth of information on this site, maybe you will also.
  6. jacon12

    Do you have a hard time balancing hobby vs. life?

    There once was a time that I would've had a very hard time working in model railroading. I had a full time job, roughly 50 hours a week, and on weekends I did wedding photography. There was about 15 to 20 years I, and my wife, did this. Thinking back I wonder how I did manage to work in any...
  7. jacon12

    Advice really needed!!!

    I'd go for the Digitrax Zephyr also. When I got mine I didn't know didly about dcc and I'm still no expert on it, but you don't have to be. Hook two wires to the layout and take off to running trains. The installation of decoders is another matter and one that you'll have to learn either from...
  8. jacon12

    Knockin' out walls

    What's this about a new truck?
  9. jacon12

    Knockin' out walls

    Now why hadn't I thought of that!
  10. jacon12

    Knockin' out walls

    Keep a look out, it should be there by Monday.. :D Jarrell
  11. jacon12

    Knockin' out walls

    I had a heckuva time getting this Y6B into my studio, but I finally did it even if I had to knock out a wall. ;) I borrowed some clothes, set up the lights just right and kaapow.. took the shot. Now I have to get it back to the owner before he misses it.. :D Anybody know how you get...
  12. jacon12


    Ok Charlie, thanks. Jarrell
  13. jacon12


    Last night I was soldering track at the joiners and this morning I noticed one or two that I'm not all that happy with. It looks like the solder flowed down into the joiner ok but I'm not sure about the electrical connection of it. Is it ok to simply resolder those areas, i.e. flow some more...
  14. jacon12

    Hint hint

    Hey, I'll bet that there are more September babies here than any other one month. Let's see... 9 months back from September.. yeah... cold windy January nights.. :) I see where Trainworld has this Precision Craft for only...only only $495 :D Chip, GrandeMan... I appreciate the thought and...
  15. jacon12

    Hint hint

    My birthday is in September..:D Jarrell
  16. jacon12

    The illusion of distance--do I need it or what?

    Ok, ya'll got me curious now. What's this about a flashlight? :confused: Jarrell
  17. jacon12

    They're Baaaaaaccckkk.

    I'm here! But, I had to do some actual work this afternoon, outside.. and let me tell you... you don't wanna be outside in Georgia in July. No sir, uh huh. Jarrell
  18. jacon12

    DCC strange-ness

    Well, I did the complete reset and I thought I had it but I didn't knock on wood fast enough I guess. It started the reverse headlight thing again. Oh well, I'll live with it a while til I can't stand it anymore and then get it fixed. Jarrell
  19. jacon12

    DCC strange-ness

    Thank you for the formula, Rex. I know what you mean about sawmills. I have a first cousin that, years ago, worked in one. One day he didn't move is hand fast enough and the saw went right up between the thumb and first finger and up and out the forearm. It took a few surgeons a while to...
  20. jacon12

    Running DC on DCC

    Not that I do it but, does it hurt a DC locomotive to run it very much on a DCC layout, and vice versa? Jarrell

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