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    [Gn15] Three stupid bandits

    McLeod - That cracked me up 😂
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    Short Train

    Too bad it doesn't run. It would make a nice under the Christmas Tree display. Like your imagination...
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    Monthly Picture Thread - April 2021

    HOexplorer - That is nice. I really like the sweeping curves, trestles & scenery.
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    Roller Coasters

    I spent a lot of time & money riding the Dips in West View Park after I was tall enough to ride.. Also the Racing Whippet, a dual track with competing car sets.
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    Engine Facilities You Can Model

    A very interesting video with lots of insights & ideas. As a side note, one of the first things I noticed after the G&W takeover was the yard in McKees Rocks was substantially cleaned up. Looked a lot better afterwards.
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    Ernie Hoffnagle's Place

    Gotta love it...
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    Rusted old grain elevator in a rural scene with stock yard.

    I was (am) impressed with your stock pens. Very nice work on them.
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    The Pennsey

    NP2626 Duh! Your question was "Can it still be that popular", not what makes it popular.
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    The Pennsey

    If they didn't sell, manufacturers wouldn't make them.
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    What scale was used in the 50's?

    I agree with the above post. Everyone I knew in the 40s & 50s had O-27 gauge trains, except for my one friend who ended up with 2 American Flyer trains. With just 2 tracks and those whitewall wheels, he made us all envious. But I ended up going from my Lionel O-27 to HO in the middle 50s.
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    Long Time Away from Here

    Hey Chip, I do remember you back when you had the health food store. Seems to me that you gave that up & was doing something else. Might be wrong about that though. I also recall you always had interesting posts about the club you belonged to. Anyway, glad to hear you are returning & hope you...
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    New feature coming to the photo gallery

    That looks very promising. Hope all the changes go well for you. Tom
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    No layout? What is your favorite part of hobby?

    I'm one of those guys who hasn't had a layout for many years, but that hasn't diminished my attraction to the hobby. My ranking of my favorite aspects lately would be: Railfanning - I'm fortunate to live near a busy Norfolk Southern line and the wife & I railfan almost every weekend. HO...
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    Cars - Rolling stock

    Truth be told, I suppose I'm all over the map with this. Basically, I collect locomotives for railroads that run, or have run in the past, in western Pennsylvania. So I started to add freight cars for those railroads as well. But, I have been known to weaken and acquire others that simply caught...
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    Police and fire call boxes

    Mike - I just thought of something. If you have a fire station, police station or a municipal building, you could put a fire call box near the main door. In some smaller communities, pulling the box would set off a siren to alert volunteers. A police call box could notify a county or district...
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    Police and fire call boxes

    I don't recall any of the boroughs or townships around here having call boxes in that time frame, but the city of Pittsburgh did. I'm also not sure of the dates, but I think Pittsburgh fire boxes were phased out in the 70s or 80s. Police call boxes were probably phased out earlier with the...
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    Tunnels and Swamps?

    Bob I really enjoyed that photo. It's a very nice bit of scenery. Tom
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    Running Bear's Coffee Shop LVIII

    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all of you & your families. Santa's helper (the mailman) just rang the doorbell & delivered a present from my wife. It's a BLI SW1500 in the US Steel Clairton Plant paint scheme. A really nice addition to my Western Pennsylvania collection. Hoping you get...
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    TV Show Railroad Alaska

    I enjoy some aspects of the show, but the fake drama is a little over the top and completely unneeded. Got so bad on one episode I turned it off. Tom
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    A Tale of Two Tichys

    "The question will remain, was this the best solution?" From the results shown, I would have to say absolutely... Tom

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