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  1. Lady_Railfan

    How do you uncouple your trains?

    I used to just let the cats do it. If either of them was anywhere near the layout when it was running, I could be sure that uncoupling or derailment was quick and inevitable.
  2. Lady_Railfan

    Looking for a train store

    Also, check out the local San Diego Yellow Pages telephone directory under Hobby & model shops. There are several listed in northern SD County, some not too far from Cardiff.
  3. Lady_Railfan

    Real or model

    I say real. Even in G scale, I can't imagine weeds that realistic!
  4. Lady_Railfan

    LGB Track Question

    Hi Larry T, and Welcome to the forums! I have a mixture of track brands and haven't noticed any problems mixing and matching. However, being a novice in the hobby with simplicity as my major objective, I opted for battery rather than track power, so track integrity isn't a major issue...
  5. Lady_Railfan

    Show your storage solutions

    I store my (G Scale) trains and small stuff like people and animals indoors on bookshelves. The track stays outdoors year 'round. I store the buildings and other accessories outdoors in plastic utility cabinets.
  6. Lady_Railfan

    How Old Were You?

    I set up my first layout at age 69. Do I get a prize?? :D
  7. Lady_Railfan

    I haven't shown off in a while

    What he said ^. I visited Kirkwood on my last trip to STL, but I surely didn't see that many trains! :) Thanks!
  8. Lady_Railfan

    Lady Railfan

    Thanks again, fellas! We've just installed a new computer, and don't have it (or the network)quite up and running yet. It may be a few days before I'm online regularly again. :(
  9. Lady_Railfan

    Lady Railfan

    Oh! How nice of you to miss me! I'm still around --- lurking mostly. Not much going on in my railway these days, but I hope that will change before too much longer. I'll try to be more "noticeable." :D
  10. Lady_Railfan


    I'll betcha anything that SSW has a cat! (I don't buy the "real story") :D
  11. Lady_Railfan

    Sure has been fun around here

    Hey, fellas... Thanks for missing me. :) I drop by (read: "lurk") almost daily, and always enjoy "hearing" what everyone has to say. It's very rewarding to hear such nice things about this place (and the associated forums, RRF, Steam and Essays). Bob does a great job! (All together now...
  12. Lady_Railfan

    My Other Hobby

    Well, with talent like that, who needs money? I have to ask, though.... Spray paint? Do you mean that you spray the paint onto a pallet then apply it to the painting surface? I'm curious, and impressed. :)
  13. Lady_Railfan

    Pic of Grande Man

    GM, I think that kid's a treasure! Hang onto him as long as you can... He's priceless (as I'm sure you already know). LGM, you need to frame that one --- you can have lots of fun with it one day. :D
  14. Lady_Railfan

    Just a short note

    Glad you're home safe and sound. Thanks for keeping us "posted." :)
  15. Lady_Railfan

    "Scale Tinplate" Christmas

    But, but, but..... Where's Bossy??? :)
  16. Lady_Railfan

    Curtain Rods

    Priceless IS the word for it.... :D ....I laughed so loud I scared the Cat!
  17. Lady_Railfan

    Model Rotary Snow Plow

    HEY! I'll bet that would work for leaves, too! Hmmmmmm.
  18. Lady_Railfan

    I'm Back

    YAY! Like I said on the "other (RRF) side," It's about time you got back here!!! This is really fun! For the first time in over a year, I spent some time on my layout today --- mostly just pulling weeds, though. Prob'ly won't be able to move at all for a day or three, but it's a start. :D
  19. Lady_Railfan

    The Feds are after us....

    Those are really neat! Yep, so far all we have is the plain USPS issue box, but one day.... :D I really like the caboose idea, but I'm afraid the small detail parts would be too much of a temptation for the dozens of kids that pass by each day on their way to and from school.
  20. Lady_Railfan

    Taking the plunge!

    Yay! How exciting!!! DO IT! :) I say grab the Bachmann if it's the era and style you want, and the price is right. You can always "trade up" later. I'm still running my "toy train" on our layout, and even the Playmobil we keep for the granddaughters to play with. I can always imagine the...

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