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  1. Nighttime At The Coaling Tower

    Nighttime At The Coaling Tower

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    Weekend Photo Fun May 18-20 2007

    Thanks, Steve, but in daylight it isn't all that impressive. No scenery around it. It did come out looking alright, though - it's the Walthers wood coaling tower in HO with some weathering and lighting added. Other than that and a thinner thread than they supplied for rigging, it's per the...
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    Weekend Photo Fun May 18-20 2007

    Here's a shot of my recently-completed coaling tower about to fuel up a BLI heavy Mike:
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    Round Robin Fishing Expedition

    Is 4 1/2 hours close enough? :D What happened at the club?
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    Walthers Tannery

    Hmmm.... Bet I could turn that Tannery into a real good start on the Worland WY Holly Sugar plant...
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    MRs videos

    I've been in Model Railroading for about 35 years, and still enjoy the DPB DVDs. Some of the content is a bit simplistic, but all in all both my wife and I enjoy watching. Every time David Popp says "...I took and ..." we both chuckle.
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    what are you working on?

    Extending the grade (roadbed) west of Glenrock towards Casper and south from the helix towards Thermopolis in preparation for laying track and scenicking the Glenrock area.
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    Man VS train

    Yeah, those red-and-white striped long boards that come down across the roads are actually just there to help you get some exercise by making you run around them. Stupidity can be terminal.
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    Other Forums?

    I visit several occasionally, here once or twice a week (though I rarely post), and at least once a day (their "snob factor" seems the lowest to me, and overall I like their forum interface a bit better than other sites. I'm not implying anything or slamming anyone here! That's just...
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    Reflecting on 2006, how was it for you

    From a railroading perspective, I finished the Behemoth Helix just before Thanksgiving, and have barely touched the railroad since (recharging the battteries, I think). Around the house, we started painting the exterior in the summer, continued work on the addition interior all year, and...
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    So...I want to build a Helix!

    Here's a shot of my helix (not quite finished): (Sorry about the oversized photo - that's what's on my website) My inner track radius is 36". The helix is a suspension type - the support frame is attached to the ceiling, and threaded rods extend downward to support the tiers. This...
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    Comment by 'Brunton' in media 'When steam was king'

    Nothing personal - just doesn't all fit together
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    Photo fun for the weekend NOV 3rd - 5th

    Not meaning to be critical or anything - just wondering. It looks like you're building in what could be a rather severe S-curve under the bridge. Will a train of those long cars track okay through it?
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    Do you have a hard time balancing hobby vs. life?

    I don't have any problems at all balancing hobby with life. I don't mean to be harsh or offensive, but anyone who has trouble prioritizing their hobby with the rest of their life needs to get their head together. There are things I'd like to buy for the layout that I can't because of car...
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    Train Room Progress III - Benchwork done

    I've never tried commercial benchwork because of the cost, so I'm curious - was the ease of assembly worth the price?
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    Early weekend photo fun 22nd to 24th Sept

    Some update shots of my Behemoth Helix: I started the helix the day after Thanksgiving last year. It's STILL under construction. That's good in the respect that I haven't given up in disgust or run into some unforseen and insurmountable problem. It's just taking a long time to build this...
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    new pictures

    I like the way the shots are set at dusk. Shows the layout lights but gives enough light to see everything else, too.
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    Its that time again, WPF, Sept 8-10

    Here's a few shots from the layout over the past few months. The first is the latest view of the helix - 3 1/2 loops complete with 2 1/2 to go (4 1/2 tiers oif subroadbed are in place - 1 1/2 left to be lowered as trackwork is completed on each tier). The second is a shot of the power...
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    UP Cascade Subdivision Update

    You did all that in eight months?!? :eek: I'd better go get to work!!!
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    WEEKEND Photo fun, Sept 01 06

    Helix construction continues....

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