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  1. AirbrushNo5

    Creamer of choice…

    Coffee-Mate invariably sets my guts on fire…👎
  2. AirbrushNo5

    What coffee do you like?

    I like Tim Horton’s… but when I was a working stiff I was drinking Starbucks.. Last couple years I have been drinking this instant stuff…$10🇨🇦 for 30 packets..
  3. AirbrushNo5

    Creamer of choice…

    10% half + half … But over the last couple years I have become hooked on these instant coffee packets…
  4. AirbrushNo5

    What are you buying this Month?

    I am really trying to reduce the number of cars I pick up as I have more than enough to keep me busy weathering… Though I did pick up this Walthers covered hopper.. I think the trucks should be yellow..
  5. AirbrushNo5

    Which are the better brands

    My HO DC loco experience: Athearn Genesis - run excellent Rapido - most of them excellent Atlas - most of them excellent My N DC loco experience: Rapido - excellent Atlas - excellent Intermountain - I wouldn’t buy anymore of these Fox Valley - I only had one and it never worked
  6. AirbrushNo5

    Dave's Layout v. 4.0

    Great pics.. I think l need a couple figures on my layout…
  7. AirbrushNo5

    Dave's Layout v. 4.0

    This all looks great!
  8. AirbrushNo5

    Sound for dc layout

    Alternative approach: iTunes…
  9. AirbrushNo5

    Scrap Pile part deux

  10. AirbrushNo5

    Scrap Pile part deux

    Just sprayed basecoat… Outdoors…snowing…not ideal…but ok
  11. AirbrushNo5

    Scrap Pile part deux

    Went to the scrap kit part bin…
  12. AirbrushNo5

    Testers (Rustoleum) Dullcote

    Rustoleum has a big can of clear flat that’s not bad… I use it in conjunction with Tamiya XF-86 ( which is more matte I find )
  13. AirbrushNo5

    Rail history

    Interesting stuff👍🏻
  14. AirbrushNo5

    Best method for darkening brickwork

    I painted (airbrushed) my brick building black then sponge painted/dry brushed mixes of 3 different craft acrylics…then a oil dirt wash..
  15. AirbrushNo5

    Laying track

    I think most of us would be hard pressed to achieve this:
  16. AirbrushNo5

    First Graffiti attempt.

    Thanks Mike, I would like to do it over, but it was a learning experience anyway u cut it…
  17. AirbrushNo5

    First Graffiti attempt.

    My thought is like Leonardo, the graffiti artists use scaffolds and ladders
  18. AirbrushNo5

    First Graffiti attempt.

    Mike the graffiti looks good… my only comment is that it is looking transparent - you can see the underlying paint colour.. I believe the decal should have gone down on a white background…or had white backing I had a transparent decal the only time I did graffiti I used the decal paper cutout...
  19. AirbrushNo5

    Buyers BEWARE!!!

    Google Internet Hobbies… there are bad reviews going back several years… They have achieved notoriety…I read about them a few years ago on Track-Link…
  20. AirbrushNo5

    Source for wiper blades?

    👍🏻 found some on eBay

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