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    N Scale video camera?

    Do a search for an SQ8 camera, it's only 7/8" square and 3/4" deep. No LCD screen at this size of course. I found one on eBay (around $8.00) this spring and ordered it. After more than two months it didn't show ups, so I checked Amazon and they had them for about twice as much, plus postage of...
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    The NMRA and you?

    Seems to be a common feeling among posts re the usefulness of belonging to the NMRA. I too belonged for many years, served as the Achievement Program Chairman of the NER for five years. But I personally was not getting anything out of being a member. So I left, haven't missed anything since.
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    Tunnels and Swamps?

    I've modeled a swamp section on my HO scale modules. Cut a depression in the plywood base and added plywood underneath the hole. Laid the track and poured in Envirotex Lite up to the level of the rail. A tricky proposition, as the Envirotex is fairly thick and flows slowly, I didn't want it to...
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    anyone knows the manufactor of this ?

    Think I've seen photos of the caboose as a Revell item. Could be wrong.
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    Caboose markings

    Looks more like a COTS panel, where service and lubrication dates are kept. ACI labels are stripes.
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    Delapidated Store in O Scale

    Couldn't add all photos at once, here are the rest:
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    Delapidated Store in O Scale

    I recently completed this dilapidated O scale general store. Used article and plans in the Sept/Oct 1985 issue of the Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette by Joe Crea for his half inch scale model.
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    My newest B-Unit

    Here's the SOO prototype in a local yard:
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    My newest B-Unit

    My version from many years ago in SOO colors:
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    Jordan Spreader snow plow

    Your model plow is a Russell snow plow, the prototype photo shows a Jordan spreader. Walthers did have a Jordan spreader model several years ago but it was an older version of your prototype.
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    derelict locomotives

    Been there, did that:
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    Light Diffusing Question

    I've used "magic" transparent tape on the insides of windows in some of my structures to diffuse the light and block viewers from looking inside. Also to make some windows appear to be in rooms that are not occupied, I've added black electrical tape to the insides.
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    What airbrush is best?

    That's a major step from not owning an airbrush and wanting to do custom painting for others. Hope if you do get an airbrush you intend to practice using it for a couple of years to develop your skills. No one wants to trust their expensive models to a learner.
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    New Minimalistic portable battery op layout

    Here's a Z scale layout:
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    GoPro Hero 4 Session

    Prices for the Session have been mentioned at $399.00, so it certainly isn't the cheap one! I think all GoPros are way overpriced, as shown by the fact that clones are available for a fraction of their cost. There isn't really much to them, especially when compared to a $400.00 full sized...
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    GoPro Hero 4 Session

    Wonder how long it will take for the Chinese to clone the new model? I recently bought a GoPro clone for $62, has an LCD back and came with many GoPro attachments such as the waterproof enclosure. I've seen them listed for cheaper prices, and there is also one with WiFi; just check eBay...
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    Warped white metal cast tender frame

    Might be an idea to check with Bowser to see if they might have a frame they could sell you. I can't see anything working to straighten out a cast white metal frame, but who knows? Good luck and please keep us informed.
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    Lull at eBay?

    I've been on eBay since 1999, but don't think I've bought any model train items myself. Sold a bunch many years ago, but in the past few years I've mostly bought small photo gear such as batteries and chargers, remotes, etc. Being in Canada my first choice for any of these items is from sellers...
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    Building a RR for a commercial

    Great! The actual commercial they produced is here:
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    Pin Hole photography?

    The railcar is a little over one inch in length so no, it is not powered. Think it may be a Scale Structures kit I got years ago.

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