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  1. SilverBlade

    DC short circuit

    It's an Atlas crossing not a double slip. So double insulators all the way around then. That's tiresome. I went to Peco because I was getting derailments with Atlas. But, I really don't see the value of a power routing turnout. Anyway, thanks for the feedback.
  2. SilverBlade

    DC short circuit

    Just fixed my computer issue so I can upload pics. UPBigBoy - That's just the limitations of Right Track software. Here is the actual insulator you are pointing to: hamltnblue - There is one Atlas turnout (upper right corner and doesn't appear related to the short) and the rest are Peco...
  3. SilverBlade

    DC short circuit

    I am stumped by this short circuit. It makes no sense to me at all. If you guys can help me out here I'll give you a big sloppy kiss. Here is my layout so far: I'm using Peco Insulfrog turnouts. OK here's my problem: I wired up P-1, P-2, and P-4 without any trouble. I can move trains...
  4. SilverBlade

    Subsistute for Peco code 55 rail joiners?

    I'm using Atlas joiners with Atlas code 80 Flex track and Peco turnouts. They work fine.
  5. SilverBlade

    Advanced planning

    I've been itching to get something started for 4 months but so far all I have on the table are ideas. Don't think I would have the patience to wait 7 years. I do expect to move at some point in the not too far off future so I can't get too form specific with my current layout. But that's what...
  6. SilverBlade

    "N" Scale Grade

    Here is the best video on how to apply: nOawcCRpxmo&feature=BFp&list=FLc46c5yjDytRxK2mzAi5uMg As for how long will it last: Heck I donno. As T.J.O. eluded to earlier, how much your wheels spin is going to obviously be a determining factor. In any event, I would expect it to last quite a...
  7. SilverBlade

    THE Most bizarre issue with FVM wheels

    When I first started reading this, I thought you were full of sparf. That's sparfed up, man. What in the sparf were they thinking when they let that pile of sparf out the door?!
  8. SilverBlade

    "N" Scale Grade

    There isn't any indication on the product but yes, it will eventually wear out. The cured snot is softer and thinner than a conventional rubber traction tire. If you can figure out how to get the wheels to turn very slow and steady (scale walking speed), it's easy to remove and comes off clean.
  9. SilverBlade

    "N" Scale Grade

    Here is a comparison of my Dash 8 and F45 and a demo of Bullfrog Snot. The results were pretty dramatic. 5ALOtStomBA&context=C357df0dADOEgsToPDskIKhVvjtZqAXfhtuCuKjSfp I did notice some loss of electrical pick up on my Dash 8 after I applied the Bullfrog Snot. I'm experimenting now with...
  10. SilverBlade

    "N" Scale Grade

    My grade has to be on a curve. In fact, on my perminate layout, it will be mostly curved. No other way. I tried doing the steep straights, and shallower curves but not with a lot of success. One thing I have noticed: Positioning heavier cars in the front of the consist has helped very...
  11. SilverBlade

    Best choice for turnout switches?

    Anybody have a good lead on where to find the best price on momentary SPDT switches (toggle or slider) for turnout motors? I'm using Peco PL10 motors.
  12. SilverBlade

    "N" Scale Grade

    I do have my F45 and I've been busily putting her through her paces. She definately pulls better than my Dash 8, I still am not getting the same performance you did. I only have 20 cars right now (all of them good rollers since I went to task with a fist full of new trucks for everything that...
  13. SilverBlade

    Please Help a Newbie - Question about Micro-Trains Truck Conversions

    Hey NScale, Let's forget about part numbers for a minute, shall we? MT trucks really only come in a 3 simple varieties. Short, medium, and long extension couplers. The only difference between a 1000 Bettendorf short extension and a 1030 Barber Roller Bearing short extension is cosmetic. The...
  14. SilverBlade

    Which rail type for beginners?

    I went with Code 80 because it's easier to get it "off the shelf". Local shops are more likely to have it in stock. And secondly, while it may only be my perception, but I have the expectation that I'll have less trouble with derailments for the height reason you mentioned above. Whether...
  15. SilverBlade

    Atlas Premade layouts?

    My layout has: 24 Peco switch tracks + motors + switch throws @ $30 ea 80 ft of flex track and rail bed at about $1.25 / ft The whole thing can be had at the bargin price of $820! I'm planning a cruise with the money I'll have left over. ...Well, I say it's a cruise. More like a paddle...
  16. SilverBlade

    Download for a grade calculator

    20 inches at 1%, then 24 inches at 2% for an easement. Then 110 inches at 3% then back off to 2% for another 18 inches and finally 1% for the last 40 inches. And how high will that get me? Hang on while I figure this out. Hmmm maybe a spread sheet might be useful after all. Ah yes, there we go...
  17. SilverBlade

    Download for a grade calculator

    In doing my own homework on grades, I've come accross a lot of posts from people trying to figure out how to calculate them. I've made so many calculations myself I finally just created an Excel spreedsheet to do the math for me. If anyone wants to use it you can upload it here: Grade...
  18. SilverBlade

    couple more pics of the 4-12-2

    How big of a curve does this nimrod have to have?!
  19. SilverBlade

    Better N scalae magazine

    I wasn't all that impressed with N Scale after I really dug into it. It's pretty short and aside from maybe one good article, seemed to be just an excuse to publish ads. That's not all bad; ads are a great source of ideas. But compared to a beefier mag like Model Railroader you'll diffinately...
  20. SilverBlade

    Today I totally scored!

    A local shop with lots of N scale goodies? I don't believe it. Actually I thought I had a great local resource but the guy won't order anything new. Why do you want to laminate luan with cork? Is that instead of using road bed? If you're using road bed as well, I don't see the pay off...

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