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    Weathering Flat Cars (TOFC)

    I get some 2"x8" scale lumber, cut a two pieces (one short over the stake slot, one slightly longer for the overhang around the stake hole) as patterns, then lay them board-by-board across the desk with superglue, scar them up and use some rough sandpaper, then age them with a wash of grimy...
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    weathering and graffiti

    Oxidized paint If you have a junker car for experimentation, try misting on some grocery store bought isoprophyl alcohol and let dry. It fogs the paint like oxidized paint. :)
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    Adding weight to Blue Box Athearn Engines

    Athearn iron wheels I replace my powered Athearn loco wheel sets with NorthWest Shortline or Jay Bee 42" 110 tread nickel silver sets, which costs about $10 per loco. The nickel silver wheels stay clean much longer. I also switch out the stock plastic wheels on the dummies with the Athearn...
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    An excellent way to have trains go through a backdrop.

    My dad used to work for the California Highway Dept. in the '40s thru the late '60s. Old U.S. 40 up there is a beautiful drive, and a nice lookout point over Donner Lake near the top. You can still throw snowballs up there into early June during some years. My dad was part of the rescue of...
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    Can an Athearn RTR SD40-2 make a 18in curve???

    Make sure you have enough coupler swing so the loco won't pull the cars out of the curve.
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    Ho=1/87 ???

    I see you bought Lurch. :D
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    Latest Rustbucket

    I think I love this guy....
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    How wide is that wagon?

    From AMERICAN NARROW GAUGE RAILROADS by George W. Hilton: "Fleming treated as the first narrow gauge passenger car the Denver, one of the two first-class cars Jackson & Sharp built as part of the D&RG's same order. The car was 35' 0" in body length (about 40' 0" overall) by 7' 0" wide and...
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    building your own handrails...

    I've used .020 steel piano wire, seems to be the same stuff as the old athearn metal handrails, two tweezers/clamps locked tight, and bent them by eye VERY carefully. I've had some very old Athearn kits, wires aged and got brittle, "pop," when I tried to tweak the bends a little to get them to fit.
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    I've had it with HO, I'm switching to G!(photo intensive)

    I've never seen such incredibly detailed work in HO!:eek:
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    Mutiple engines

    If I recall, EMD sold A-B-B-A F7s in the late '40s as 6000 horsepower road power (cabs on each end, each unit 1500 hp x 4 = 6000 hp). Only foresee-able (ugh, spellin') with running locos back-to-back on a layout would be possible direct short on metal shank Kadees mounted on the metal...
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    Kadee installation

    Quote: "I have between the rails magnets mounted on my code 100 & I didn't remove the ties. The magnet is level w/the top of the rail. If your couplers are set at the right heighth they won't hit the magnets. Larry" Ditto for the magnets between the rails on code-100. Coupler...
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    Model Train prices going way up.

    I prefer to build it myself; pain in the arse to have to take it apart, pull off the plasticy generic stuff, then put on the after market parts. I'm about half-done with WP F7 #913 (second loco), rolling pumpkin with pilot plow, circa 1974. Some chop and cut work on an Athearn single headlight...
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    Walthers Trainline GP9M?

    If you want odd power on the Rock Island, Rio Grande GP7s went to the RI, kept the D&RG paint, but were restenciled with the RI logos while they were being used, #4206, 4205, 4203 which became 4288. Late 1973 or so. See page 40-41 of RIO GRANDE DIESELS A PICTORIAL HISTORY - VOL. 2 by Joseph A...
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    rolling stock information wanted:

    The paint job on the Kennecott Alcos looks easy enough. Orange, but not too orange. What about rolling stock? The only thing I've seen is a very late period HO Berwick boxcar, and the early steam stuff, which is too early for my interests. ???

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