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    Thomas and DCC

    see for information on installing dcc in specific thomas engines under bachman.
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    Southern Washington

    i live in the sf bay area. the rr i am modeling is a fictitious shortline (modoc and lassen) connected to the espee somewhere in the sierras.
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    Southern Washington

    did you check the nmra. here is a link to the second division of the pacific northwest region they may be able to help you locate the club or person you are looking for.
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    Yuba/Sutter/Butte California

    make a printout of the website page and ask the lhs if they will post it. this site may also help you locate others in your area
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    Newbie Needs Help with Wiring

    adding additional wiring for the track will depend on a couple of things. how large your layout is and how many trains you will run. if you are going to run more than one train at a time then should break the track into separate blocks using insulated rail joiners. if you are only running...
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    Atlas RS-3

    not sure how sharp the radius is for your turns. the coupler that is on the locomotive looks like the nmra horn-hook type. due to the way that coupler works it pushes to the side and when the locomotive turns to the left it will push the car following it to the outside of the curve. if you...
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    Newbie Needs Help with Wiring

    just got home from work and i see that several good suggestions have been provided by others. wish you the best getting the lights working properly. you can get a computer power strip that has switches for each plug if you want to turn on lights in only parts of the layout instead of all at...
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    Newbie Needs Help with Wiring

    that may be your best option. note that when you leave a transformer plugged in it is still on and drawing power unless it has its own on/off switch. leaving a transformer plugged in and running will generate quite a bit of heat. ac power adapters for things like computer printers, etc should...
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    Newbie Needs Help with Wiring

    10 A 227 V AC stands for 10 amps @ 227 volts alternating current - not your typical home circuit except for some high power appliances. 20 A 125 V AC stands for 20 amps @ 125 volts alternating current - your typical home outlets are 125 volts alternating current. the last part is a...
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    Anyone want a project? layout design.

    it would help. point-to-point, loop-to-loop, out-and-back, multi-level or single level? how long will the trains be? should there be a classification yard and engine facilities?
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    Anyone want a project? layout design.

    what scale, type of railroad, minimum radius, etc?
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    it is. i used it to help design my layout.
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    crank pin problem

    guys, thanks for the information and advice. i have had the engine in storage for a long time and had only tested it prior to putting it in storage. i had not run it any great distance at that time, so i had not found the problem prior to taking it out of storage. i have checked the clearance...
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    layout finally started

    the turnout in the tunnel is accessible from the side of the table. the track center is 2.5 inches from the edge there. i had originally thought of building a bridge there, but the scenery would not have worked. also, all industrial and other track except for the main and passing sidings in...
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    layout finally started

    if i was shorter that would have been a problem. i can reach all points with only a slight overhang on the edge to get to the center of the table. there will be two access hatches for maintenance. also, along the two long sides the tracks occupy about six inches from the edge.

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