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    Foam Thickness and Tortoises

    I finally have stopped procrastinating and started on my HO shelf layout. Yesterday I put up the shelving brackets so I am now ready to start building the bench work. With this in mind I have two questions: 1 - What thickness of foam to use? I have previously used 2" foam for the base...
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    Shelf layout input wanted

    +1 on the Lance Mindheim books. I am currently designing a 12 foot shelf layout based on his concepts. His books give you great info on shelf layouts and how to get the most out of them.
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    Looking For A Trackplan

    The pictures in the link I think are the addition he added on later. I will search under the track plan name as well as the designer. Thanks Erik!
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    Looking For A Trackplan

    I am looking for a trackplan and was hoping someone could help me. I do believe the plan was in the 2007 Great Model Railroads issue (which I ironically had but accidently threw out). It is a HO scale, 16 foot x 1 or 2 foot wide shelf type with a power plant feed by wood chips. I think I...
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    Corn syrup company opinions needed

    You can always Google Map your local area and see if there is a small rail served industry that you can fill the space with.
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    Is Great West Models Still in Business?

    I checked out their website but it looked like they had not updated it in a couple of year. Didn't know if someone had heard something or had ordered from them recently.
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    Is Great West Models Still in Business?

    As I am starting to get building ideas going for my shelf layout I keep looking for Great West Models buildings but no one seems to have them in stock. Have they gone out of business? Thanks in advance,
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    Atlas Code 83 Availablity

    Does anyone know when Atlas Code 83 track will be available again? I am trying to get started on my layout and can't seem to find any track anywhere.
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    stranded in Iowa

    Welcome! I saw your other post with the ISU poster and curious to where you are in Iowa. I myself am in SE Iowa along the Mississippi.
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    new warehouse

    Great work. Is your layout HO or N scale?
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    New boy from Iowa

    Good to see a fellow Iowan on the board! I have been working off and on some smaller N scale layouts for the last couple of years. The last six months I have been trying to buckle down and finally come up with a trackplan and a railroad that can grow. I am leaning towards a shelf type but...
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    Modeling your local area

    Living in Iowa I have a wide variety of scenery for inspiration. Even though your area might not look appealing at first if you really analyze the terrian you can find something interesting to model. Even in the flats of Texas you have ravines, dry creek beds, and other areas that have...
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    Alright, which 6 of you did this?

    At least the guy in the back held a red flashlight for a FRED device.
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    Seeking operations ideas

    You actual have a couple of easy options for adding a interchange track. If you replace the curve track in either the upper right hand corner or the lower left hand corner with a switch you can run it to a staging area/fiddle yard. This would be the two easist places to tear up track and...
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    Apartment help

    Another idea is to build a table top out of plywood or hollow core doors and set them on saw horses. You can geta set of cheap plastic sawhorses from any box store for around $20. You can set your layout up where you want and move it easily.

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