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  1. Shauna

    Trains in Secondlife

    My connection is alittle slow now as I am on wireless at the moment. The faster the speed the quicker graphics load. I took a couple pictures best I can but its alot clearer than this and detailed. If you log in and search trains, railroad etc many worlds (sims) appear to explore and visit...
  2. Shauna

    Trains in Secondlife

    Does anyone in here play Secondlife? Its a 3D virtual world to shop, explore, own land, items etc. You can also ride some great virtual trains and even own and drive them. Its alot of fun. They have free engines and alot of worlds to operate on. Even switching areas. Just wondering if anyone...
  3. Shauna

    Christmas Greetings

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!.. My cat has most of the decorations down low off the tree!!..She has rolled the balls all over the place in the house and stole a candy cane..LOL Happy Ho-Ho!!
  4. Shauna

    Where to begin

    Its good to buy a learning kit from Woodland Scenics. Everything you need comes in a small kit. They make kits for rocks, trees, water, roads, etc. Comes with instructions and all needed supplies. You can learn allot from these simple kits. You'll be amazed on how easy it is to color and detail...
  5. Shauna

    Comment by 'Shauna' in media 'PRR M1b # 6750'

    Take me a ride!
  6. Shauna

    Comment by 'Shauna' in media 'Watching the shovel at work'

    Love the colors and weathering!
  7. Shauna

    Made in America?

    Look where our flags are made!!...9/11 it was hard to get a flag. China worked overtime so we could fly our "China-Made-American-Icon"
  8. Shauna

    Made in America?

    Only thing made in America anymore are people. And they are making too many, and they don't look American!!
  9. Shauna

    Custom Cat load

    Sometimes the buckets aren't attached to the boom in shipping also.
  10. Shauna

    Disaster on the East McKeesport & Allegheny Railroad

    "Do I look alittle 'sheepy' to you???"
  11. Shauna

    Model Railroad Cartoons

    Don't know if anyone posted this yet or not but for those who missed it!
  12. Shauna

    Using real pictures for backdrops

    The new computer I just saw on TV has a program that auto matches multiple photos for panaramic pictures. Or use a panaramic lens and print to a banner.
  13. Shauna

    Hello Everyone!!xoxox I get bored so chat me...Love meeting new people and making friends!!.. ;)...

    Hello Everyone!!xoxox I get bored so chat me...Love meeting new people and making friends!!.. ;) I love minitures, scale dollhouses, trains, and music!!...Oh and chatting!!:p
  14. Shauna

    NS burgandy car & engine?

    Can I be a waitress??....LOL:D
  15. Shauna

    Must be newbie day

    Welcome to the Forum! I love slot racing. We use to have a slot track with a railroad crossing. Thats what started Dad and I into the railroad. :)

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