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    I saw the 680 go by the house the other day. It sure was loud! Neat to see the model.
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    > 2.5%? Why Not?

    Grades may not be an issue with an 0-5-0 switcher. Then you have to worry about coupler strength. :D
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    P&D F unit kits

    WOW!! More please!
  4. SDP45

    For you BNSF fans.

    Those are some COOL model photos!!!;) :D
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    HELP! Kadee couplers unreliable in unit train!

    Let them know of your findings. Include the above photo. You may have found a design weakness they were not aware of.
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    Removing Athearn Decals

    I used to use a sharp blade on a hobby knife and a little patience. It worked well too.
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    OK, I've got an Industry Gripe!

    I modelled the BN in my previous life (read: before marriage) and I found there were many shades of BN green. It was easy then to justify the different shades offered by manufacturers.
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    The Coffee Shop is now open. Come on in and say hello.

    Hello all! I've been off this board for a while, having had to cut back on the computer due to job issues. Good to be back.
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    Beware the newbie invasion!

    UP. Hmmm.... I think I liked it best around 1980 or earlier. Lots of interesting old power all over the place. I started out with a Bachman trainset, then graduated to a Life-Like set before discovering mail order Tyco. Nothing else was to be had in my area. When I first learned to drive, I...
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    Give Away-Starter kit ARRIVAL!!!!

    I made a legit plea to Spacemouse for the starter kit and it arrived today. I am sure it was in good shape when the postman arrived, but the dog got to the corners by the time I got home at 5 pm. All seemed to be in order. My daughter turned 6 Wednesday and really likes trains. I am in an odd...
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    Ripping out!!

    Looks like tornado or hurricane damage. Hope no one was hurt!! :D
  12. SDP45

    Hooking up the 2100...

    "Good thing the Tsunami is being released!! I hate hearing motor grinding in a steamer."
  13. SDP45

    Sergent Engineering Couplers

    I'm sold. Good thing I only have a roster of about 8 total items!
  14. SDP45

    Remotoring--I need a translation

    Are not the MDC Climax and the Boxcab the same frame and mechanism? Post your question to them using "boxcab" instead of "climax."

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