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    Looking for a similiar HO Station to this

    Where did you come across that one, and who makes it?
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    Priority Mail Prices

    Honestly, I don't know why folks complain about the Postal Services rates. They are far lower than other countries and the service for the most part is great. I haven't had any issues, problems and the Priority Mail is still the best around, especially if you can use the USPS PM boxes. Just my...
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    Painting brass locomotives

    Only the quality of the paint job will raise or diminish the price of the piece. I highly suggest you get the video: How to paint a steam locomotive. They show you how to paint a brass locomotive from beginning to end, including all the prep you have to do to it prior to painting. You cannot...
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    Unchecked Yahoo Mail

    I've given up on HOYS. Too many ads at one time, without any way to move yours forward. The present set up gives you little to no chance of selling anything. The Yahoo format isn't the best for a "sale" site. I end up just deleting it all, just the same. Too much of a PITA to view 50+ ads at a clip.
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    Chinese QC on Intermountain Cars

    I know that you are upset because you paid full price. Contact Intermountain and try to negotiate for new ones, keeping the old ones. That damage actually looks like real stuff that's on the rails every day. They can make for a good repair scene or just everyday traffic. Many cars are not pulled...
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    Anyone do their own photo-etches?

    Ian, It looks good. Don't sell yourself so short. Keep up the updates and the good work. My purchase has been put off a little, but it WILL be made! Manny
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    Those are around the country more than you think. Many of the sidings, service spurs, rip tracks, team tracks, etc., were built way back in the steam days. The closer you get to the year 1900, the less poundage the rail would be. Many areas still work with 85 lb. rail or less, thus restricting...
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    Red Mountain Mine

    Fantastic! You should be real proud of yourself. Submit those photos to the magazines for some contests. Thanks for being an inspiration. Keep up the good work!
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    admission prices getting out of hand (Shepton Mallet)

    I take it you are from Jolly Ole England? Could it be that the coincidence to the Royal Wedding may have caused the prices to be "jacked" or raised to take advantage of the festive mood everyone is in? Sorry you had a bad time of it.
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    Sink Hole!

    Could present itself with an interesting modeling of a slow order area with the MOW crews around, but it looks kinda goofy with the roadbed being the new style plastics. I say, from a realism aspect, fix it and put it back to normal. It wouldn't look right any other way.
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    Is this really happening?

    I would like to present a different viewpoint to this question: Hard times. Whereas the detail of today's models pale into comparison to the Tyco's, the COST of today's "museum" pieces are driving folks back to simplicity and kit bashing. The problem is that it is too late. All the major kit...
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    Anyone do their own photo-etches?

    Ian, Keep up the good work. In my search for some brass 44" drivers I came across this page. Scroll to the bottom. There are multiple links on self photo-etching. More info to help you along. Thanks again for being the pioneer! Manny Backshop Brass
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    Anyone do their own photo-etches?

    That's what she said!!!! :D
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    Anyone do their own photo-etches?

    Thanks Ian, I'm definitely going to get the same kit form MM. Thank you for being the pioneer with it. As for software, I'll try what you used. If it doesn't work out, I'll get Corel Draw x5. It's just a penny to get the Corel. Since I need to do boiler sides, cabs, tender shells, etc., I...
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    Anyone do their own photo-etches?

    Fast Ian, I am following this with great anticipation. I too need to do some photo-etching on brass to make my own steam locomotive parts. My only question at this point is what software are you using? Is it INKSCAPE? Or did the MM kit come with software? Secondly, where are you getting all...

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