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    Running Bear's March 2021 Coffee Shop

    Everything but the Walthers turntable. I should have done the whole thing with flex but had a brain fart. I only hope this would be a free standing layout, as you'll never be able to reach the corners.
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    Running Bear's March 2021 Coffee Shop

    I read right past the Peco part! DOHHHH I'll re-work it when I get a chance with Peco turnouts.
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    Running Bear's March 2021 Coffee Shop

    Here ya go Big G. Just a quick throw together of your idea. 19.5 minimum radius. #4 atlas turnouts.
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    Hawks NEW "MHO Junction" layout

    What did you use for the parking area dirt? Sure looks like our dirt around here. Well done, as usual. You sir, are an artist.
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    Hello from an Absolute Beginner!

    Welcome to the group. There are no stupid questions here. Best MRR forum around. What part of Indiana are you in? I'm in the northwest corner.
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    Running Bear's February 2021 Coffee Shop.

    Justin Very sorry for your loss.
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    The M-K & Eastern RR

    Outstanding work as usual. The awning looks great.
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    JTEX A switcher junkyard

    If it were me, I think I'd strip everything off the diorama and start from scratch on placement of buildings and details. In the long run it will probably be easier to start over, than try to blend everything together and to match track spacing and scenery. JMO
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    Hawks NEW "MHO Junction" layout

    Looking good Lloyd. I love the fencing along the road. Really adds a lot. Well done.
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    Ring Engineering and CVP Product's Air Wire Systems

    I would say just generic DC. My battery operated test loco runs just fine, and as I understand it, DCC is AC voltage and the Railpro modules run just fine on that too.
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    Ring Engineering and CVP Product's Air Wire Systems

    The sound decoders are a little under $100. You can download the sounds you want from rings website as the receiver modules don't come preloaded. The biggest cost for using lipo's is the charger and the choices are endless. The small batteries that will fit in HO cars are $5-$15. I'm big into...
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    Ring Engineering and CVP Product's Air Wire Systems

    Railpro is basically just radio control. No signals go thru the track. Only voltage. I run a combo of Railpro and NCE DCC on the same tracks with no issues. I even set up one loco to run off of a lipo battery in a trailing boxcar. No track power necessary.
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    Do you model with DC power, DCC, or MTHs DCS; or, other?

    I run a combination of the Ring system and NCE. The Ring modules and throttle work just fine on the NCE powered track.
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    Should I Return to HO?

    Don't you know children visit this site. If they saw that pic they would need to run to their safe space. Welcome to the nanny state.

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