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    Running Bear's October 2022 Coffee Shop

    This station completely changed my soldering experience. From tiny circuit boards to high amp large r/c battery connectors, it never skips a beat. One of the best investments I ever made hobby wise...
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    Running Bear's September 2022 Coffee Shop

    James, I'm very sorry for your loss.
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    Running Bear's July 2022 Coffee Shop

    Not to be nosy, but how old are you?
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    Running Bear's June 2022 Coffee Shop

    My thinking on why we have no development on the hydrogen possibilities, or at least public info, is they haven't figured out how to tax us on something that naturally falls out of the sky.
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    Show us your pets!

    2 new additions. I'm hitched to a crazy cat lady so it's to be accepted. Bob, and his sister Donut.
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    Show us your pets!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that has to be supervised on the crap basket lol
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    Show us your pets!

    Fat Sam in his usual position. 22LBS of useless feline. ,,,,,but we love him!!!
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    Running Bear's June 2022 Coffee Shop

    I love my traeger when I'm feeling lazy or want to do a really long cook. Just make sure you shop vac the firepot clean after every use. Clear it of pellets also if it's going to sit for any amount of time.
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    Running Bear's June 2022 Coffee Shop

    Since the whole burger topic has popped up, my best purchase as far as food goes, is buying an outdoor propane griddle. I'm 58 yrs old and really wish I had one of these at least 38 yrs ago. Smash burgers are off the hook. Making breakfast for a whole crew at the dragstrip is a piece of cake...
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    Running Bear's June 2022 Coffee Shop

    I was midlife crisis car shopping last year and really wanted the badboy Camaro. Chevy guy for life. Went to the dealer and slid my 6'3' 300# ass into the seat and closed the door. Salesman looked at me funny when I opened the door back up and crawled out of it right away. I actually felt...
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    Power supply needed
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    Running Bear's April 2022 Coffee Shop

    Terry So sorry for your loss.
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    Running Bear's March 2022 Coffee Shop

    And that , is another example of why our once great country is turning into a great big pile of poo. God forbid someone else hears your horsepowers. lol
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    Running Bear's March 2022 Coffee Shop

    The construction company I work for just built a new Amazon facility in our area. They put in, if I'm not mistaken, 900 charging stations. Our local utility laughed at them, and wants to know where they think they're going to get the power from. I'm all about saving the planet,,,,,,, but lets...
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    Running Bear's February 2022 Coffee Shop

    I'm pretty sure the work ethic would go right out the door about now, and all my sh*t would be in my truck as I pulled out of the lot tomorrow, all while giving them the one finger salute.

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