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  1. Patrick

    Steam starter set HELP

    Welcome to the site. I'm surprised that there isn't more in steam besides bachmann. May I suggest you buy a separate locomotive and train starter set? That is get the roundy round starter set and then get an addition locomotive to pair with it? At least that's what I'd do.
  2. Patrick

    Running Bear's July 2020 Coffee Shop

    Rained really hard for 2 minutes and quit. Enough to maybe settle the dust, but I doubt it.
  3. Patrick

    Running Bear's July 2020 Coffee Shop

    Well, We may get some rain early. In the past couple of hours it has gotten dark as the wind appears to have shifted. Still nothing severe expected until later...
  4. Patrick

    Running Bear's July 2020 Coffee Shop

    Morning all, Currently 81* and partly cloudy in Doo-Dah with heat index at 6:00a at 91* supposed to get to 97* today with heat indexes of 104-109* for the 3rd day in a row. It is humid enough outside that my truck rear window had condensation on the outside. Good news (maybe) is we should get...
  5. Patrick

    Running Bear's July 2020 Coffee Shop

    All are welcome. Feel free to join in and I like the photo of your layout!
  6. Patrick

    Fire station or We can't burn the house down!

    Few more of the work I had in the hour I had last night. Mostly waiting for paint to dry. As you see the brick that would have been under the roof provided in the kit. I got it mortared. The new roof slab in initial paint along with the side and back doors. While in a primer, the red front...
  7. Patrick

    Rebuilding My Layout

    Good work!!
  8. Patrick

    Running Bear's July 2020 Coffee Shop

    New digs!!!! Love the color scheme!!! Coffee this morning, Flo. My week is on the downhill!! I has a little time last night (about an hour) and did a little more on the fire station. Biggest issue is waiting for paint to dry.... Supposed to be another day like yesterday, we hit 100* and heat...
  9. Patrick

    JTEX A switcher junkyard

    Young people these Good work on the shelving. 1X3?
  10. Patrick

    Slip Coaches

    Very Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Patrick

    Fire station or We can't burn the house down!

    Seeing these related kits, explains the "brickwork" at the top of the inside walls. It also explains the doors on the 2nd and 3rd floors without a fire escape. I've got to get that brick mortared and then get the acetate windows cut and glued. I am still tossing if I want to attempt an interior...
  12. Patrick

    Running Bear's June 2020 Coffee Shop

    Morning all, Partly cloudy this morning and 80* with a predicted high of 102* today (way too early). Heat index 105 to 110* so heat warnings go into effect at noon. I bought some evergreen models sheeting to cut for the roof fire house. I'm hoping that regular model cement will work. I'm...
  13. Patrick

    Love For the Hobby

    I understand the question, but just not sure how to respond.
  14. Patrick

    Module Construction

    Nice work.....I use simple rail joiners to connect my "bridges" on my layout. They are easy to replace and use.
  15. Patrick

    Coke works and surrounding area activity

    Good Video DJ!.

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