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  1. Michaelt

    HCD modules in N scale

    So, need a little help. I'm going to be using insulated foam board to build the small mountainous area and rolling hillside. What are some tips and tricks I can use to make these look realistic? I'm considering making the mountain rise hollow so I use less foam board and lessen the weight, and...
  2. Michaelt

    terminal joiners or solder to track??

    I've started soldering to the bottom of the rails instead of the side. Even though I'm not leaning towards a museum look layout, it does hide the wiring much better by soldering on the bottom of the rails. Of course that should be done prior to installing. If you're soldering to rails already...
  3. Michaelt

    Little more than a 4x8 board....

    One other question (didn't see it listed in the OP); what scale is this layout?
  4. Michaelt

    Little more than a 4x8 board....

    Always good to see someone back into the hobby. My biggest concern (and you probably have already made concession for this) is with the length of the tunnel, are you planning on some type of cut away or removable section to get into the tunnel if there is a derailment inside?
  5. Michaelt

    Total admiration and respect!

    Or instead of changing out couplers, opting to body mount couplers, including building the coupler boxes out of styrene!
  6. Michaelt

    HCD modules in N scale

    As far as connecting the modules together, we have shelving frames that we make a platform for the modules to sit on, and we connect them using door hinges; one half screwed to each end of the modules.
  7. Michaelt

    New HO Switching Layout

    Really like the amount of details in the small space!
  8. Michaelt

    HCD modules in N scale

    Greetings and Happy New Year to all. After a lot of time himming and hawing and having other things taking up most of my free time, things have slowed down a bit and I've gotten some free time to work on some model railroading again. We have a local group of MRR'ers that meet at our local...
  9. Michaelt

    Need help with layout possibilities

    I have been going back and forth between HO and N scale layouts for quite a while, and cannot make a decision on which to build. Here are my parameters. Available space is a spare bedroom; taking out the bedroom door I have a space that is following: Wall 1: 8ft, Wall 2: 10ft Wall...
  10. Michaelt

    HO on a shelf

    I'll figure out the lay of the land when I can get some answers on how many tracks will fit on a 1x6 and a 1x8. Might even go to 1x10, but that's about as wide as I'd want to go for this project.
  11. Michaelt

    HO on a shelf

    I was figuring someone on here either had built a shelf layout, or had a shelf layout, and could let me know.
  12. Michaelt

    Arkansas N scalers

    hmm, well maybe we could beat the bushes a little and find other N scalers around The Natural State........
  13. Michaelt

    Arkansas N scalers

    Good evening, I'm new to the forum here, hope to make some new friends and learn from those more experienced than I. I was wanting to ask if any of you knew, or any of you might be N scalers that live in Arkansas, more detailed the Central Arkansas area? I don't know of any N scale clubs...

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