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    N-Track layout from 2008 Trolleyville - 700+ modules - Do pictures exist? Where?

    Does anyone know where pictures may be posted of the 2008 Trolleyville N-Track set up? It had over 700 modules and 116 scale miles of mainline. I can only find write-ups in the Trolleyville Times and no pictures.
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    N scale layouts that can support LONG trains - do they exist?

    Are there any layouts out there that can run 80+ car trains? If I did the math right that is a scale mile - 5280ft/160 = 33ft, 33ft/5in or so for a car is right about 80. What are some larger layouts that you know of? I have seen several layouts that are very intricate with scenery, yards...
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    Steve's SOCAL BNSF layout

    That is where planning on taking things apart and building in segments is key. That is the only way I am starting my layout - built to take apart again.
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    O-scale questions - radius, DCC, AC

    I have three different curves on two different types of track for O scale. The newer/modern O scale track has two different curve radiuses. I am assuming the tighter one is 027 as that came in a kit I got in the mid-90s. I am not sure what the wider one is. I have some pre-war O scale gear and...
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    Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXI

    Coffee in hand to start the day. I should be off to an earlier start. It was so foggy last night when I left the office I could hardly see across the parking lot. Dense fog advisory this morning now with storms. Looking out the window it doesn't look too bad, just wet and gray so far. There is...
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    Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXI

    Curt - N scale for now. Layout is to experiment with DCC so there will be switches, but I want to run trains on a main line as opposed to yard and industry ops only on a switcher table. We'll see where the design goes.
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    Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXI

    Agreed - there are a lot of factors, benefits, and drawbacks. At some point I want a big building, regardless - storage for equipment, boat, atv, work shop wood + metal. As for trains - havent thought through that too far, probably many years down the road. Just an initial thought, though -...
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    Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXI

    That may mean a quick sale. Not to discourage you at all, from what I know about RV's trying to sell one can be the worst aspect of ownership due to rapid depreciation. If you have a lot of interest that may actually be a blessing, even if you aren't getting what you think it should bring. I...
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    Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXI

    Garry - Scale is N, modern era. My goal is to use the layout as a platform to experiment with DCC. The layout design is an L shape - 9ft on the long side with a 4ft depth, 7'4" on the short side with a 3ft depth (I think... unless I change it up some). The first track layout I have drawn up is...
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    Modular n layout for home

    Hi Frank. I am scanning through some threads on the Forums here and ran across yours. I like the way you're thinking with the modular layout. I am thinking along the same lines. Maybe we can share some ideas together. There are a couple threads around I have started the past month or two so...
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    Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXI

    Hi All. I just stumbled in to the thread series here. That is neat to have a "chit chat" place here, as opposed to specific topic threads. Not much to add from my end. Coffee has already gone down the hatch, along with some real Baileys. I have been off on a work trip for too long. Now that I'm...
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    DCC Turnouts. My mind is spinning.

    Dave - I am still in the planning stages right now. I have been swamped with work the past couple weeks since after the holidays and things are only piling up more there. The model railroading is on the proverbial back burner for a while. As I get back to things I'll pick at the threads I have...
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    Intermodal Container Cars - sets of 5?

    Thanks for the insight again. Era I am envisioning is everything modern - so last 10 years or so. That isn't to say I may run a steam loco/passenger train or something else out of era, but the focus would be modern.
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    Intermodal Container Cars - sets of 5?

    Ah. Thanks for the insight. I see there is still lots I am not aware of with trains. Learning as I go. I am looking in to setting up an intermodal container train for N scale. It looks like all the sets I have seen are "5 unit cars" with 10 containers, like the Kato sets. It looks like full...
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    Intermodal Container Cars - sets of 5?

    Are intermodal container cars always in sets of 5? Mainly in reference to the double stack 40ft container cars. It looks like the truck between the cars in the set of 5 is shared, then every 5 the "set" is split?

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