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    Color Mix for Fading Brown Ore Cars

    i use all testors products in this, Works pretty good.i add about 8-10 drops of White Enamal Paint to bottle of Dullcote Lacquer (1.75 oz bottle). I fill airbrush cup 2/3 Dullcote, 1/3 Lacquer Thinner. Spray light coats onto car or engine, as many as you want. between coat I use a hairdrier to...
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    ttx flat cars

    Any suggestions whats a good yellow paint to use to custom paint some LTTX flat cars? Thank you Doug
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    Union Pacific MOW paint

    Happy Holidays all I have a few cars that i would like to piant for UP MOW. What would be a good match? Thank you Doug
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    DODX 3 axle trucks

    seems like Eastern Car works in no longer around. But i think i may have found closest trucks from Bethlehem Car Works 718-146
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    DODX 3 axle trucks

    can you send me a link for these Precision buckeye trucks, i would like to see. Thank You
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    DODX 3 axle trucks

    thanks alot guys, few years ago I bought myself 10 brass kits of these DODX flats
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    DODX 3 axle trucks

    Does anyone know where i can get trucks likes these or similiar? Thanks in advance. Doug
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    What do you wanna see in HO

    I'd also like to see a RTR Schnable car with interchangeable loads. Maybe loads are sold seperate so you can pick what you want. Also a large depresses center flat.
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    What do you wanna see in HO

    Microscale makes the decals for the bnsf one..
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    What do you wanna see in HO

    Ok guys there are cars and engines we all want to see made.. tell everyone what you want the manufactors to make I would like to see DODX 6 axle flat cars 89' flat car for hauling pipe, sheet steel, military vehicles 53' husky stack
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    Super detailing RPP SD90Mac and Dash 8's

    Do you mean these kinda grab irons? If so yes someone does make em.. here is a link to them
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    Hey guys I have a friend who is looking to model a SDP40. but can't seem to find a steam gen add on. Does anyone know if there is a company out there that might make one. Thinking of chopping up a atlas SDP35 body for that part. Thanks
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    SD60F project

    Ok everyone I am back to begin working on this project again. Deer hunting season is over now. I have been thinking about how I wanted to do the dynamic brake fan. I had bought myself a Cannon and Company fan hatch. I was thinking of drilling out the shell where it is suppose to go and press...
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    SD60F project

    thanks for the bump MLW Thursday night at work I was just thinking about this project and was thining to myself about getting back to work on it again. Thanks
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    Where do I find decent index drill bits!!!

    Just my 2 cents worth. but all my drill bits I buy from a local indusrtrial suppy company. Basicly where machine shops, toll and die makers, die makers buy there tools from.think they only cost about $1 to$1.50 each. Never had a problem of breaking except for my own mistakes. Lets face it your...

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