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    How Many Different Locomotives Road Names do you Have on Your Layout?

    DM&IR: 2-8-8-4 Yellowstone, SD7, SW2 Great Northern: 2-8-2, GP35, NW2 Burlington Northern: a dunno, F7 Other: Undecorated narrow gauge 2 truck shay, Undecorated 4-6-4, Union Pacific: 2-8-8-2, Northern Pacific GP35, Canadian Pacific GP35, and an Erie Lackawana F3 that was my first HO...
  2. dmirguy

    PCM&T Co.

    Like Crocuses, longer days and ducks landing on ponds no longer frozen - a new layout from HOexplorer is a harbinger of good times ahead. So glad you're feeling like doing this. Thanks Jim!
  3. dmirguy

    Please explain Atlas Snap vs Custom line switches

    Anything that causes a connection between either of the powered contacts and the return contact. It can be operator error - holding the switch down too long. In my case one failure was from a wire shorting across the mini dpdt mini switch I had, another failure was the actual mini dpdt mini...
  4. dmirguy

    How many prefer to buy DCC equipped vs. DCC ready?

    Dang it - Frederick stole my answer. In addition to being dexterity challenged, my vision aint what it used to be. Thankfully I have one of those mounted mag glasses with a light around it. Otherwise I would be good old American Standard scale
  5. dmirguy

    How many engines do you own?

    I've got 15 HO scale that I run, there'll be no more as my gathering days are over. A few more that dont run and are just placeholders (including an old rubber band drive engine). I dont think 15 is really insanity, just, ummm, ahhh, well lets say "less than 20..." Then there is the exhibit...
  6. dmirguy

    Hello. UK modeler wants 1950s help

    Hi Deveron. Are you planning an outdoor (garden) layout? I know you mentioned HO in your post, is that the scale you are thinking of going with?
  7. dmirguy

    North Metro MRRC

    Ahhh, Thank you. I'm afraid my buying days are behind me now, I was just interested in seeing one running. I have an old Akane, but it's hard to run on my home layout because some of the curves are 22 in rad. Great video!
  8. dmirguy

    North Metro MRRC

    Very nice! And not too far from home. I see they have an open house coming up on 4/27, I think I'll swing by if we're not covered by yet another blanket of curse curse snow. Do they have any Yellowstones?
  9. dmirguy


    Hello Patrick, With regards to wiring 2 separate throttles, I think it's important to decide if thats you final number. With just 2, you can wire up the layout with double pole double throw switches, either with or without center off. They're not too expensive and not very hard to set up. In...
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    Please explain Atlas Snap vs Custom line switches

    YUP, great photo, I have 3 that have failed exactly like this over the past several years. Atlas has perfected some micro AI for these switches - the ones in hard to reach areas on your layout are sure to fail, the ones up close and easy to repair are good as gold. Thanks Murphy.
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    Social interaction within the hobby: A Rant.

    Hi Y3a, I also put a decoder in a MDC HOn3 2 truck shay - it was a Digitrax DN163. For me, there are so many horrible aspects on that darn loco that the decoder was piece o cake. I have NWSL'd nearly everything on it over the years - motor, all the gears (so many gears...), the drive train bars...
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    Maintenance on Stewart F9

    Greg - thanks for suggestions. I went ahead a did one truck tonight and will do the other tomorrow. It still seems to have a little growl so I'll look into the motor bushings as well tomorrow. Also, thanks for the heads up on the Bowser site, that really helped. I hadn't fpund any other place...
  13. dmirguy

    Maintenance on Stewart F9

    Hi folks - I have a Stewart F9 that is growling when I run it. I have used Labelle 108 oil on the gears in the gearbox on the bottom of the loco, but I haven't unshelled it and done any maintenance to the insides. It was used lightly between 2008 to 20014, then was pretty much unused until a...
  14. dmirguy

    Building the Pinnacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    Congrats Sherrel! Thanks Jim for all your postings through the years. I'd say good luck in your wargaming and photography, but you dont seem to rely on luck.
  15. dmirguy

    Building the Pinnacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    Jim, glad you're back and it well. Hopefully you'll be scaling mountains after a swift recovery. Probably 1/87 scale I imagine. In the meantime.... a limerick for Jim. A Jimerick: There was a young fella named HOExplorer whose forum thread was the high scorer now with his docs blessing he...

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