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  1. Davidellias

    Building The CMMR

    Oh man, I love that Geep!
  2. Davidellias

    ALCO Century 430, why were so few made?

    Also I heard a lot of customers were burnt out from the Alco FA-1 and it's unreliability. And with GE out on its own they had other options to choose from besides Alco
  3. Davidellias

    Wpf 11/28 - 12/5

    Nice Bridge, haven't I seen it in MR before? ;)
  4. Davidellias

    Santa Fe 3500.

    I think I have that same locomotive :P tell me how to properly remove handrails D:
  5. Davidellias

    My Train Room!

    Yeah,those hand painted roads are simply amazing!
  6. Davidellias

    Fox Valley AM/VO for HO Scale

    Sorry, the Virginian & Ohio / Allegeny Midland cars they did for N Scale
  7. Davidellias

    Fox Valley AM/VO for HO Scale

    So I heard they are making these in HO Scale? Is that true?
  8. Davidellias

    the A&D,Original NS,and SCL

    So thank you guys for your help! Clif I did find a junction between the Old NS and the SCL in Wilson,NC. BTW if you are curious my railroad is the Norfolk,Carolina & Danville. It was the result of a 1974 merger between the struggling Atlantic and Danville (Who stupidly didn't merge back into...
  9. Davidellias

    the A&D,Original NS,and SCL

    Did the Seaboard Coast Line railroad ever cross over the Atlantic and Danville and/or the Original Norfolk Southern? I am Proto Freelancing a merger the A&D and the Original Norfolk Southern, and I want to give the railroad trackage rights to Richmond,VA. so I want to know if there would be a...
  10. Davidellias

    My favorite pics I've taken this month. (Dial up be aware!)

    As Far as I know, all Mother units are GP40-2s, like the one you were asking about.
  11. Davidellias

    My Attempt at Weathering w/ powders

    Actually I think i found out that one of them is a Walthers.
  12. Davidellias

    Wpf 8/11 - 8/16

    Pic I took of the same locomotive @ John Sevier
  13. Davidellias

    Meanwhile At Rapido..... Seems they have some time on there hands. :p
  14. Davidellias

    Unexpected Railfanning trip in Downtown Knoxville

    Just walking on the waterfront when I came across this guy. Lead unit is 1269, a Slug, 2002 and MP15AC, and 2313 an SW1500. So close you can almost touch it! In fact it was going slow enough I probably could have touched it and still kept all my fingers intact. one of three Ex-Nash...

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