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    Do You Prefer Six or Four Axle Locomotives?

    Every once in a while I'll find a place were I get an occasional derailment. A close inspection might show one rail is a bit higher than the other. Doesn't take much, especially if a reverse of that one high rail is close by. Just a little bit of resetting the track usually fixes it.
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    Locomotive Consisting

    It seems that once you pick an operating system and work with it a little bit, it becomes easy. Tryin to explain it to someone who has never seen the operating system is pointless and confusing. Once again, if ya have trouble operating a vending machine, DCC is not for you.
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    Locomotive Consisting

    Oh yes, just past were the camera was in that video was the start of a 10' long tunnel on the upgrade, then beyond that was another 10' long tunnel followed by another shorter tunnel. Yeah, they're justified on the D&J Railroad.
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    Locomotive Consisting

    MHinLA, though I have never claimed to be able to read one's mind, I would suppose you operate your steam individually because the 1:1 didn't have the electrical or air line attachments as the diesels did. I run consists quite a bit on the D&J Railroad. That's the only way to be able to pull the...
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    BN's big brute GE C30-7

    This one isn't brass, but it's the BLI version.
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    Keeping busy at home.

    Actually no. I have all the track in storage that I bought about 15 years ago along with quite a few of the turnouts.
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    Keeping busy at home.

    I've been workin on a new set of modules for the modular club. This is a set of modules that may end up to be over 80' long, in 4' sections. It will be a classification yard on the mainline. Two tracks on the out loop side and 5 tracks on the inner loop side. I will be able to use as many or as...
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    What trains did you run today?

    Moving containers on the D&J Railroad yesterday.
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    Voltage Levels

    Actually, a lot of the decoders will take the voltage variations in stride as they cross over the gaps from one power district to another except for BLI models. They claim to strictly comply with NMRA DCC specs. When a BLI loco hits the gap, it will stop and reboot itself. Nice, huh. That's...
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    Voltage Levels

    The two variants of DBs measure the same different voltages off the same power supply. That means, two DB200s and two DB150s all wired to the PS2012 at the same time with about 18" of #14 stranded cable show the two different track outputs. I tried flipping the power input to each DB. The track...
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    Voltage Levels

    I'm tryin to bring all boosters on my layout to the same voltage level but apparently Digitrax designed them so you can't mix older and new boosters. My DB150s will adjust up to about 12.8VAC at the track, but my DB200 with Opto Isolators will only adjust down to 13.5VAC at the track. That's...
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    BN's big brute GE C30-7

    I have the BLI Santa Fe model. Beautiful model that looks good in a consist.
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    Shrink wrapped decoders

    It will void the warranty if you remove it. That will cause you to forfeit your model railroad. Maybe not right now but after this pandemic has settled down.
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    What Neat is Your Under-Layout Wiring?

    I try to keep the visible wiring neat and orderly. Behind the benchwork though, I just run the wiring from point to point. I use Homasote board to mount electronic boards and drill holes through the board to bring the wires out to the attachment points.
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    Construction Cranes, models and images please

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