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    Liberty Rail? Your thoughts?

    Hey Willis thanks for the help. Once again I'm very sorry, I don't want to go back to my ways :D I'll be working on a trackplan and I'll see If I can have it up ASAP. Thanks, Chris
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    Liberty Rail? Your thoughts?

    Jim I'm looking at approximately 4'x19'. Thanks for a reminder on the "X" I forgot about that. Willis I"m very sorry, I meant to say that I am building my benchwork and I have some up but I wanted to make sure what I was doing would come out right. I would like to get this layout decent in one...
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    Liberty Rail? Your thoughts?

    Hi guys, Well since my benchwork is finally making it's way up I just wanted to get your thoughts on this final concept I had for a railroad. It would be in N Scale and would go by the name of Liberty Rail (LRRX). What it basically is is a railroad similar to Amtrak (hauling passengers and...
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    Layout (Grain Project)

    Hey NS Lover, The layout is looking great, keep up the good work! -Chris
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    It's Been A While

    Hey guys great to be back, I definately feel the love! Chip, if you're gonna tease then I just better not post any photos :p;)
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    It's Been A While

    First of guys, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas. Well It's been quite a while since I've been on the forums and believe it or not I actually have some benchwork up. Hopefully Christmas...err Santa will bring some stuff to get going on the track laying. I know you guys hate to be teased but I'll...
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    Turtle Creek Central?

    I got the Turtle Creek Central on a DVD. So If all else fails, I should be able to tell you the color. Chris
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    Lady Railfan

    Nice to see you again Claudia! Chris
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    What do you think of the ARZC locos

    Hi VitekK, I am also a modeler from Arizona and personally I like the scheme, but I believe it is used for other railroads as well. There is a hobby store in Phoenix called The Freight Yard that sells AZCR intermodal cars in N scale. Chris
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    where did you get foam?

    I got pink polystyrene foam for about 7$-8$ at Home Depot for a 2'x8' piece section though. Chris
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    Happy New 2008

    Happy New Year Everyone! Chris
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    Holy Cow! My Layout is starting!

    Thanks for the advice, it's always good to save a little money! Chris
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    Holy Cow! My Layout is starting!

    Thanks for the info guys. So how does this sound. 3/4" plywood enough to cut 5 pieces to create the [__l__] shape (yes the opposite side will also have a piece of the plywood) 2'x8' piece of plywood to cover section Enough ?'X?' for the legs (anyone have an idea?) Appropriate Screws? Skids for...
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    Holy Cow! My Layout is starting!

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I have been on the forums. I have roamed around a little but have not posted. I was wondering if everyone could help me out by telling me exactly what I would need to create a 2'x8' open-grid piece of benchwork? I have the date set and am going out to buy the...
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    Following the OMAX

    Wow, awesome photos, thanks for sharing! Chris

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