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  1. cct70

    Registered to get ideas for 9 year old son

    It's a decent set, but you can get it far cheaper here: I have bought a Bachmann On30 scale set from them before and their service is top notch. HIGHLY...
  2. cct70

    Registered to get ideas for 9 year old son

    Hey Joe, pay no attention to the prices listed on the Bachmann site too, those are highly inflated MSRP, street prices on Bachmann stuff is much lower. Don't limit yourself to just Bachmann either, I find a good mix is best.
  3. cct70

    Will Athern Metal Railings fit onto a....

    If they are for a little guy though, for the price of a set of Athearn handrails being what they are to order and ship, I'd personally scout Ebay for a good used Athearn SD40-2 or something else Athearn as they are a lot more kid friendly. If he drops it and it comes all apart, hey, no problem...
  4. cct70

    Please help me polish this yard

    I thought there was a long lead on the East end and the West end, or is that double track? If it IS a double track main, yeah, you really need yard leads.
  5. cct70

    Please help me polish this yard

    I'd say you have a winner!
  6. cct70

    HO Garage Layout Video

    Beautiful railroad. Do you by chance have a track plan you wouldn't mind sharing with us? I'm curious.
  7. cct70

    What size turnouts for a yard?

    I would go with #6's. They can handle most anything, but the only way to get truly realistic yard trackage is to handlay your switches. #6's are a good substitute though.
  8. cct70

    Mistakes along the way. (Part I)

    For physically carrying the cards and throttle around the layout, have you considered a pocketed carpenters apron? Basically a cloth tool belt. Have you considered going digital with the car cards with a switching program? Electronic waybills that can be worked via a laptop or better yet, a...
  9. cct70

    Removing Testors Dullcoat, paint underneath?

    You can't. In for a penny, in for a pound with the dullcoat and paint. Whatever you do to remove the dullcoat is going to remove the paint.
  10. cct70

    Please help me polish this yard

    Here's the local UP RIP Track to give you an idea of how it is set up.
  11. cct70

    Please help me polish this yard

    If you have a large car fleet like I do, I would try to keep the yard the same size and increase the leads if you can. The RIP track and car shop are one in the same really. The one my Dad worked at all those years was a 4 track affair, open on the ends and one side, with a 4th track on the...
  12. cct70

    Above the Door layout advice

    Yeah, like I said, it was a rough, quick and dirty sketch while eating lunch. :D Girlfriend saw it though and now wants me to build this next week. :cool:
  13. cct70

    Please help me polish this yard

    Great looking yard, but two things that jumped out at me having grown up in a large yard (Dad was a long time WP/UP carman). #1, the leads are a little short for a yard that size. I am assuming you enjoy switching that yard (who wouldn't! I'm afraid you wouldn't see me running on the main...
  14. cct70

    Combining 2 favorite hobbies

    I used to build 1/72 scale model airplanes, so I used to hang them over the layout. Yeah, 1/72 is a little large for HO, but when hung from the ceiling over it, most folks probably couldn't tell the difference.

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