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  1. bob

    Running Bear's August 2021 Coffee Shop

    Bob wanders in, looking a bit tired and frazzled... Good morning Comrad.... Oh, shit, it's catchy... Good morning everyone. We've been being slammed with Russian Spam lately. After 2 days of research, edits, software upgrades, a new spam filter and some firewall mods, I think I've slowed the...
  2. bob

    CP Holiday Train Music Video

    Music video featuring the CP Holiday Train. Not sure when this was shot, but it's from a previous year as they didn't run this season.
  3. bob

    Running Bear's December 2020 Coffee Shop

    Seems to be back to normal, fingers crossed. Haven't gotten a report from tech support yet, hoping they actually found something wrong like a flaky ethernet switch or something. I really hate the "Well, we don't have any idea, but it's working now..." type responses, would rather they can point...
  4. bob

    Running Bear's December 2020 Coffee Shop

    Please stand by, your server will be with you shortly. Or not... I'm not sure. Seems to be working for the moment. I've told them to try changing out the DCC decoder, but all that got was blank looks...
  5. bob

    Roller Coasters

    Oddly, for a guy who runs a model railroad forum, I may steer you in a completely different direction. If you're looking to recreate roller coasters from specific locations and do it very precisely, you should likely consider going virtual reality. There's a program out there called "No Limits...
  6. bob

    Roller Coasters

    There are a few kits out there for HO roller coasters. Of course nobody is making kits of the coasters at West View Park, they're very unique and complex. You'd have to build your own for that. Also, be aware that miniature roller coasters have a rather severe limitations. Physics doesn't...
  7. bob

    What starting page do you use the most?

    I'm curious to see how folks browse the forum. Do any of you use the "Featured" page: Do you use the "Home/Forums (They're the same)" page: Do you simply use "What's New" and ignore both...
  8. bob

    Political adds ?

    Also, I just saw something that implied that Kalmbach is moving to a subscription based model for their websites. This site is free, for all content. No "subscriber only content", no paywall, no premium upgrades. In return, we do ask you put up with a few ads. If you have an ad blocker, please...
  9. bob

    Political adds ?

    I have banned all political discussion, as per long standing policy. As for political ads? well, running this place isn't free and they pay well. If you don't like them, just scroll on by. If it makes you feel any better, just view it as me taking money from (insert your least favorite...
  10. bob

    Edit titles under user name

    OK, I've change the user group permissions and you should now be able to set your own title. To be honest, I don't pay any attention to them. They have several features that are designed to promote members posting. The idea is that the more posts you make, the higher "title" you get. In...
  11. bob

    Walthers, Inc. has purchased Chooch Enterprises

    Walthers Press Release Wm. K. Walthers, Inc. is proud to announce that we have purchased Chooch Enterprises and that Chooch is now a member of the Walthers family of products! The product line has found a great home with Walthers; as a significant distributor of the Chooch line...
  12. bob

    New Tools Forum

    By popular request, a place to talk about model railroad tools, which means pretty much all tools when you get right down to it. Sometimes it's a simple and cheap razor saw to cut rails. Other guys have a full machine shop so they can build their own live steam locomotive. While most of us...
  13. bob

    Tools Forum?

    Been a rather hectic and chaotic summer for that Bob guy, but he's finally catching up. Here you go!
  14. bob

    Should you tell your wife......?

    Depends on what scale you model in... :)
  15. bob

    Using Graphite on Rail Heads to Improve Conductivity and Operation

    The local model railroad club that I'm a member of did a scientific experiment with the ATF fluid. I think it was something like 6 months long, and they closely monitored things and documented it. The conclusion was that it works very well. You only need a tiny amount, a couple of drops, and the...

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