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    Can't Find Trophy Post

    We downplay trophies / points since we don't want people posting just to post. It's far more useful for something like a gamer board. But, click on your profile, then click on "points". You'll see your awards there.
  2. bob

    Scale or Gauge?

    During the classic movie "Miracle on 34th Street", at one point Santa is talking to Virginia and says something to the effect of "Some little boys ask me for a full size train, whatever would they do with that?" Even as a kid, I was always like "Give me one, and I'll show you!"
  3. bob

    MASSIVE YARD, Hump yard, and engine facilities

    I visited this yard as a kid in the 1960s with my father. We even got a tour of the yard control tower. At the time, it was the largest classification yard in the world, and proudly announced that fact on a sign. At some point larger ones were built, and currently UP's Bailey Yard claims the...
  4. bob

    Center Peninsula Track Planning, …..Container Terminal & Port Facility

    That’s what I was guessing, just wondering what port it was, it looks familiar but they all look alike.
  5. bob

    Center Peninsula Track Planning, …..Container Terminal & Port Facility

    BTW, where did you find that photo you have taped to the partition. Any idea where that is?
  6. bob

    Center Peninsula Track Planning, …..Container Terminal & Port Facility

    Monorail, it's the train of the future! Always has been. Always will be! As a kid, I was fascinated with them and spent many hours drawing them. As a kid in the 70's, I asked if we could ride in the cockpit of the monorail at Walt Disney World. That was decades before the tragic accident that...
  7. bob

    Total post count and join date?

  8. bob

    Center Peninsula Track Planning, …..Container Terminal & Port Facility

    Thanks for not taking offense. I'd consider eliminating the right hand track. Then you could have a truck lane and you'd still have plenty of activity in the container yard. BTW, the cranes are Mi-Jack, they make several varieties of rolling gantry cranes, including ones that run on crane...
  9. bob

    Center Peninsula Track Planning, …..Container Terminal & Port Facility

    A recent container terminal project. Scratch built and extremely realistic. However, it takes up a huge amount of space, and it’s rather expensive.
  10. bob

    Center Peninsula Track Planning, …..Container Terminal & Port Facility

    As for you Mijack crane, they don't drive back and forth moving containers around by driving all the way to the end of the train. They're far too slow for that. They drive from one container to the next, lift it up, shift it sideways and set it on a chassis. As the truck drives away, the crane...
  11. bob

    Center Peninsula Track Planning, …..Container Terminal & Port Facility

    OK... Deep breath... Let me preface this with the following. It's your railroad, do whatever you want to do. You can choose to install something just because it's cool, you like it, or just because you want to. That said, I can tell you that I have 30 years experience building container yards...
  12. bob

    Hello, and can anyone help me with a (model train) issue?

    There are several potential problems. Out of square drivers is one, as Terry suggests. Broken or bound gear or drive shaft is another. Bent or binding side rods ("they seem to be locked by the arms on the side" would indicate that could possibly be the issue.), broken motor, or simply a broken...
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    Total post count and join date?

    Posts do get erased but time isn't the factor. We delete posts when images are broken. Typically that happens when they're hosted externally. Ask any forum operator, PhotoBucket is our worst nightmare. Broken images, huge watermarks, massive disruption. Years later, I'm still cleaning up after...
  14. bob

    Running Bear's May 2020 Coffee Shop

    Yes, that's a lovely part of the world! Much better than many places railroads run. However, it might not be quite as much fun in the middle of winter. Railroading in the snow and cold can be a tough challenge.
  15. bob

    Modeller or railfan?

    My research shows there's a good bit of overlap, but maybe not as much as you'd expect. First off... There are at least 3 kinds of model railroaders: 1) Train collectors - It's all about collecting model trains. Some also operate them, some don't. 2) Model railroad builders - Layouts...

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