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    A Bunch of Questions

    Thanks for all the help. I would have never guessed that that retaining wall was foam! Definitely going to try that. Thanks
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    Hello all

    Welcome aboard! Glad you got back into the hobby. Would love to see pictures.
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    Power Loc track from Life Like?

    It's a good starting point for most people getting into the hobby. It's cheap, and abundant. Eventually, you can switch to some flex once you get your feet wet.
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    Hobby Shop Membership to curb shoplifting

    It's a sad reality these days. I'm not sure how the memberships will help curb the shoplifters, but it's worth a try. I think there are better ways to prevent shoplifting, such as counter sales, or a no bags in store policy.
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    Newb from Southern California

    Welcome aboard! Don't be afraid to ask anything. Better to ask a stupid question than make a stupid mistake. :o
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    layout design and construction help

    Might be worth getting some power loc track cheap, and playing around with designs. It would be a shame to build a layout you don't enjoy, and waste all that time and money. Many model railroaders start out with it, on their first layout. If you build the layout, and just don't attach the track...
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    Service to make custom sticker decals for road signs?

    Used it too, no size option, but the signs work well with HO, in my opinion. Other than that, you can make any highway sign you want.
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    A Bunch of Questions

    Okay, so I'm ready to begin turning a sheet of pink foam into a city. I have a slew of questions, so feel free to just quote, and reply, if it's easier. 1. I'm modeling downtown chicago, so won't have much grass. What do I do to fill in the areas that won't have roads? (IE: concrete)...
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    Chalk for weathering trains,track, structures?

    I have seen aerosol adhesives, specially designed to adhere the chalk to the models, you just have to be careful not to spray it on moving parts.
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    Hobby Industry Study

    Some hobby shops I walk in to, the prices are so outrageous that I won't buy a thing, regardless of how much I want it. Still, in others the prices are so low, that it's hard to stop myself from buying bagfuls of supplies and kits. I still believe the two best values are to buy at shows, where...
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    Code 83 vs Code 100 track

    When I switched to flextrack, I used code 83, because it was supposed to be more common and readily available. It's not. All the hobby shops in my area stock code 100, and I have to order the code 83. Luckily, I don't buy track that often, and most shows have it, cheaper than ordering. If I were...
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    Track question.

    FLEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is SO much more versatile, and tends to have better conductivity than the sectional ez-track does. Plus, the flex looks much more realistic than the sectional does. Hope this helps!
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    Question about rerailers and track bed

    I would only use a rerailer in a place where it won't be seen, such as a staging yard. The rerailer tools work wonders, i'd get one of them. As for the cork, the best solution is foam, because it is easy to work with. If you really want cork, go to hobby lobby, and get a roll of it, like what is...
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    To foam or not to foam?

    Again, this depends on how in depth you want to get. If you're serious about it, then foam is the way to go. If you're just interested in watching trains go around in circles on a basic layout, then you'd be wasting your time with the foam. Also, if you do decide to use foam, be forewarned, it's...
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    ATTENTION: Chicago "L" Modelers

    Hello, For anyone out there trying to model the Chicago L, you probably know there isn't much out there in terms of the truss-like structures that elevate the tracks over the road. Well, I was looking around, and found a site that has the structures in N scale. The only downside is that they...

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