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    Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXXI

    I havnt been on here for a while, but i hope everyone is having a good New Year!
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    Railroading Picture Contest

    View from my deadhead today.
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    How to Build Lumber Loads and Cargo Containers

    For banding, i have used pinstriping tape. It comes in a lot of colors and sizes, and its also very durable. Ron, those loads look good, thanks for sharing!
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    Running Bear's Coffee Sbop LXIX

    Hello Eric!
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    Running Bear's Coffee Shop LXVIII

    Have a GREAT weekend everyone! Mattress Mack is awesome!
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    El Gran Garage Winslow Az

    Chet-thank you.
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    El Gran Garage Winslow Az

    Santafewillie- still workimg on the La Posada, but i will post finish pics of it. I dont have a layout yet, so i wont be able to take pics of it there. Sirfoldalot- yes i have been busy and havnt visited here like i should. Bridge is still under construction and i have not fallen off YET! LOL...
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    El Gran Garage Winslow Az

    This garage was built shortly after the La.Posada hotel.was finished. It served as Fred Harveys garage. Here is my scratch built 1/87 scale version, with the stained glass windows.
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    La Posada Hotel

    I have started building an HO scale replica of the Fred Harvey La Posada Hotel. This hotel is located in Winslow Az and was designed by Mary Colter. I have many hours in this and many to go, but here is what i have done so far.
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    Building the Canyon Diablo Bridge

    Five million rivets!
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    Building the Canyon Diablo Bridge

    LOL, good eye i didn't even notice that! Thanks you Toot.
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    Building the Canyon Diablo Bridge

    The lower walkway is just under the upper walkway. The same latter is used to access both. You have to duck (probably get on your hands and knees) to access the lower walkway at this point. Very crude, but serves its purpose. dang it, posted sideways! I don't know how to fix that! Toot- those...
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    Building the Canyon Diablo Bridge

    This is it on the upper walkway. Attached in the middle with angle to a cross brace and the handrail itself is riveted to the gusset. You have to crawl to go under that portion. I believe the angle iron was all the same size.
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    Building the Canyon Diablo Bridge

    Oops! Here it is. Will this pic do? I have to rebuild the ends of my bridge! The main arch beams are thicker than the main beams on the half arches on the ends. Oh well! It was going to have to be taken apart anyway, i didn't have the proper dimensions from the top deck to the bottom of the...
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    Building the Canyon Diablo Bridge

    Funny you ask that. I was thinking of you when i saw this photo and wondered if i should post it. I'm not sure why they posted here sideways.

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